Included below are 13 spoiler-free teasers and dialogue from the upcoming Doctor Who festive special, Last Christmas. Read Blogtor’s review HERE.

Someone has Time Lord technology.

“He’s probably texting women of low moral character.”

The Doctor reveals he finds someone sexually attractive.

“That noise. I never realised how much I loved it.”

Something heard in Turn Left is heard again

“My Little Pony”

The Elves find something in common with Clara

“It’s the North Pole, and I own it.”

The Doctor almost quotes Die Hard.

“That is rude. That is perverted.”

Santa reveals how reindeer can fly.

“We’re being hacked!”

The Doctor quotes Madame Vastra

Doctor Who, Last Christmas airs Dec 25 on BBC One at 6.15pm. For more pics, clips and news on the special, click HERE.


  1. Well, no actually.

    The song has only been heard in 3 specials – The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride and, now, Last Christmas.

    (Also heard in The Power of Three and, as mentioned, Turn Left.)


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