The Third Doctor and Jo head to ancient Greece and encounter monsters and myths in a new novel from BBC Books

The latest in the BBC Books strand of novels crossing Doctor Who with classic stories continues as the Third Doctor and Jo encounter the ancient heroes of Greece. Josephine and the Argonauts is written by long standing Who novelist Paul Magrs and is due out in August.

What is the secret of the new ‘mythoscope’ at the British Museum? And who is its mysterious master? Meanwhile, are the Greek gods real, or are the Doctor and Jo trapped in an incredible recreation? But most importantly: how in Hades will they ever escape this world?

Josephine and the Argonauts follows a series of previous entries in these Doctor Who/Penguin Classics mash-ups. These have included various incarnations of the Time Lord and their friends falling into the worlds of King Arthur, Oz, Robin Hood, and, coming in July, Treasure Island.

You can find all the places to pre-order Josephine and the Argonauts from the novel’s BBC Books page.


Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts: coming soon from BBC Books (composite by Blogtor Who) Third Doctor Jo Grant Paul Magrs
Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts: coming soon from BBC Books (composite by Blogtor Who)

Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts by Paul Magrs

It was a kind of portal – a portal into the myths of the ancient world . . .

Everyone knows the Doctor loves museums (it’s his way of keeping score). But when Jo Grant and the Doctor visit the British Museum in London, they might have got more than they bargained for.

A mysterious object is revealed, which grants those who touch it strange visions of Greek Myths. Gods, warriors and monsters are contained within this device, which its discoverer calls the mythoscope. But there is something sinister at play. A powerful influence seems to be controlling the mythoscope . . . mastering it.

Jo and the Doctor must enter the mythoscope to face an old and terrible enemy – bargaining with Zeus, battling dragons and journeying into the underworld. As dangers beset them on all sides, only an object of wondrous power can save them from total destruction…



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