The penultimate episode of Doctor Who Series 11 took the TARDIS team to Norway. BlogtorWho sees what the fans made of it all on Twitter.

Firstly, the location work made for a strong opening.

The Doctor let slip some information about Earth’s future which made many think about a popular CBBC character.

We learnt a little more about how Graham copes with TARDIS travel.

Meanwhile Yaz went up in the estimations of fans who also like a specific indie band.

The Doctor began by stating the obvious…

…Then demonstrated the best way to find out what is through a peculiar portal…

…Before delivering a pretty good line.

Deadly moths added to the scary creepy crawlies of Series 11.

Then things got a bit graphic…

…and then VERY weird…

…with a surprising return!

The Doctor tried to make sense of the situation…

…But some were none the wiser.

There was also a great classic series reference.

As things started to pick up the pace, the music came to the forefront.

And just when the episode couldn’t get any more bizarre…

…and this tweet pretty much summed it all up.

Ultimately, this was a story all about Bradley Walsh as Graham.

What did you make of ‘It Takes Us Away’? Leave us your comments.


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