Tiny Rebel Games has today launched Doctor Who Infinity on iOS and Android.

Doctor Who Infinity, the innovative episodic puzzle game from the makers of Doctor Who: Legacywas released on PC and Mac last month. The game currently features three original and engaging comic book-style adventures with a variety of Doctors and their companions, with more stories set to follow.

The three stories currently playable star the voice acting talents of several former Doctor Who cast members, and are crafted by a number of acclaimed comic book writers, artists and colorists:

The Dalek Invasion of Time features the Twelfth Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi. The episode is written by the critically-acclaimed author and screenwriter George Mann, with artwork by veteran Mike Collins, coloured by Kris Carter. Reprising their roles to narrate the episode are Michelle Gomez (Missy) and Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), with Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) joining the cast as new villain Freya.

The Dalek Invasion of Time - cover art - (c) Tiny Rebel Games
The Dalek Invasion of Time – cover art – (c) Tiny Rebel Games

The Orphans of the Polyoptra features the Third Doctor as portrayed by Jon Pertwee. It is written by Gary Russell, who as well as having written numerous Doctor Who novels, audio dramas and comics is also a former editor of Doctor Who Magazine, and a former script editor on Doctor Who and its spin-offs The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. The art has been drawn by David Roach (Doctor Who Magazine) and coloured by Dylan Teague (Doctor Who Magazine, DC Comics). The story is narrated by Katy Manning, who as well as reprising her role as Jo Grant also voices the story’s enemy.

Orphans of the Polyoptra - (c) Tiny Rebel Games
Orphans of the Polyoptra – (c) Tiny Rebel Games

The Lady of the Lake features the Tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. It is written by Scott Handcock, the author of many Doctor Who audio dramas and short stories. The artwork is drawn by Neil Edwards (Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Titan Comics), and coloured by John-Paul Bove (G.I. Joe, Doctor Who, Transformers) and The Orphans of the Polyoptra‘s Dylan Teague. The episode is narrated by Celyn Jones (Set Fire to the Stars, Submergence, Torchwood) as Geraint. Additional voices include Katy Manning as Delyth and Marilyn Le Conte as the eponymous Lady of the Lake.

Lady of the Lake - (c) Tiny Rebel Games
Lady of the Lake – (c) Tiny Rebel Games

To mark the mobile launch of Doctor Who Infinity, Tiny Rebel Games will be taking part in a Reddit AMA today on the Doctor Who subreddit r/doctorwho. The developers will be joined by author George Mann who will be discussing his story for the game, The Dalek Invasion of Time, and the role of narrative in Doctor Who Infinity. The AMA will take place today at 7pm BST (1pm ET, 11am PT).

Doctor Who Infinity is available from today for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play. The game is free to download on both platforms, allowing players to experience the introductory arc of the first story as well as an introductory section of all further stories released on each platform. Further content is available to purchase within the app.

The game is also available for PC and Mac through Steam, Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming. The pricing structure for games on these platforms includes:

• PC Bundle: Includes stories 1 and 2: $11.99 US / 9.29 GBP / 9.99 Euro
• PC Large Bundle: Includes stories 1, 2 and 3: $14.99 US / 11.99 GBP / 12.49 Euro
• Story 3 and subsequent story launches: $5.99 US / 4.79 GBP / 4.99 Euro

Doctor Who Infinity is being published and developed by Tiny Rebel Games in collaboration with Seed Studios, and is under official license from BBC Studios. The new game is being funded as a joint effort between the Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget and British game publisher/developer Double Eleven Limited.


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