Doctor Who stars Sylvester McCoy and Frazer Hines will be on screen this Christmas with romcom Lost at Christmas. Meanwhile, McCoy will also be in the upcoming Munsters remake playing Igor


At seventy-eight, Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy still shows no sign of slowing down. His latest project, Lost at Christmas, is coming to BBC One this Christmas Day. And we also have the first official photo of him in upcoming reboot movie The Munsters.

Originally appearing in a limited run in cinemas last year, Lost at Christmas tells the story of two strangers who team up in their efforts to find their way home in time for Christmas Day. By the sacred rules of romantic comedies (which go double for ones set at Christmas) we all know where that’s heading. But along the way they get waylaid in the snow at a remote hotel. There they encounter the band of charming eccentrics in the bar. These include both Sylvester McCoy and Frazer Hines, known to fans as iconic sixties companion Jamie, as too old friends, both alone at Christmas after losing their wives. (By divorce in Hines’ case).

The film gets its television premiere on BBC Scotland on the 20th of December at 10pm. It’s then repeated on Christmas Day at 9.30pm. It will also be on BBC One on Christmas Day, though on the rather less prestigious slot of 1am. And needless to say, it will be on iPlayer throughout the Christmas period. Meanwhile, in North America, you can watch it free on Amazon Prime Video.

Sylvester McCoy will also be on screens next year in Rob Zombie’s The Munsters

Meanwhile, filmmaker Rob Zombie has released the first picture of Sylvester McCoy on the set of the latest reinvention of sitcom The Munsters. McCoy plays Igor, the loyal servant of Grandpa (Dan Roebuck). In the original Munsters Igor was actually an intelligent bat that lived in Grandpa’s basement lab, even if only Grandpa could understand his squeaks. Though, with the supernatural world of The Munsters it’s quite possible McCoy’s playing the same Igor, just now able to change into human form. The Munsters is due in cinemas sometime late next year.

Sylvester McCoy as Igor in the upcoming Munsters remake (c) Universal Rob Zombie Seventh Doctor
Sylvester McCoy as Igor in the upcoming Munsters remake (c) Universal




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