Hero Collector are continuing onwards with their definitive collection of Doctor Who characters and they haven’t limited themselves to the television series.  Beloved characters from Big Finish’s audio collection of stories have also been recreated as figurines.

This time it is Lucie Miller, the Eighth Doctor and the Time Controller Dalek.  If you haven’t listened to any of Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) stories you are missing a treat.  Lucie who was voiced by Sheridan Smith, met the Doctor when she was placed under Time Lord witness protection.  First introduced in the story – Blood of the Daleks  – her life story had a significant impact on the Doctor as she battled Dalek’s alongside him.  She became part of Doctor Who cannon when she was mentioned in during the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor.

To celebrate these characters  Hero Collector has recreated the Eight Doctor, Lucie Miller and their enemy, the Time Controller Dalek as 1:21 scale hand-painted resin models with a profile magazine.  The figurines will be available for pre-order in February and will ship in April 2020.

Make sure you check out the Hero Collector website to pick them up. 

Box Set #9 – The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), Lucie Miller and the Dalek Time Controller

  • RRP: $52.99/£29.99
  • SKU: DWCUK009, Barcode: 5059072005678
  • Material: Hand-Painted Resin
  • Height: 89–97mm, Weight: 50–115g
  • Print Spec: 20pp, 152 x 230mm

Product Description: This box-set unites the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) with two fan-favourite co-stars from the Big Finish audio plays; Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith), a northern lass under Time Lord witness protection, and the villainous Dalek Time Controller!


Hero Collection - Eighth Doctor
Hero Collection – Eighth Doctor
Hero Collection - Lucie Miller
Hero Collection – Lucie Miller



Hero Collection - Time Controller Dalek
Hero Collection – Time Controller Dalek
Hero Collection - Time Controller Dalek
Hero Collection – Time Controller Dalek


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