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Today marks the 55th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Throughout the day the writers of BlogtorWho will share their stories of the show. They’ll explain what this simple television programme means to us. How it has shaped our lives. Our favourite moments, stories and characters. Read on to hear one of our writers, Rhys, provide his answers to those important questions about Doctor Who

What does Doctor Who means to you?

To me, Doctor Who has always been an act of escapism. Every time I sit down to watch the show I am taken hurtling through the time vortex with the Doctor, forgetting any worries I may have for those sacred 45 minutes. I think it is every fans dream to be swept up and taken anywhere and everywhere with the whole of time and space at your fingertips.

The Doctor for me has shown me that conflict is never the best course of action. I have been and will always be inspired by the Doctor’s composure and methods, never fighting violence with violence. For me, when I was bullied at school I always looked for what the Doctor would do, that wonderful Time Lord. I can still recall playing in the playground with my friends being soldiers, pretending their hands were guns but I stood there fighting them off like the Doctor would, no weapons just words and of course with as sonic screwdriver (or in this instance a HB pencil).

I believe no matter male or female, what the Doctor stands for can be and will always be mirrored by fans.

When did you first watch Doctor Who?

I first began watching the show when it was revived in 2005. Granted, not all episodes were deemed suitable by my parents so I got snapshot of Doctor Who and it’s splendour. It was in 2006 when David Tennant’s first series aired that I became well and truly hooked. Those years watching the show were probably the most fantastical. At such a young age I was in awe of the Doctor and I also had no sense of how TV worked so for me it was real.

Who is your favourite Doctor?

My favourite Doctor is without a doubt David Tennant. His witty charm and charismatic smile encapsulated me from the very first episode. From the moment he opened those doors in ‘The Christmas Invasion‘ I knew he would be my Doctor. I do not mean to discredit any other incarnations. They are all fabulous and unique in their own ways but Tennant’s masterful acting and Russel T Davies’ magical writing were just an intoxicating combination. I will always respect the Tenth Doctor as he showed me my path in life. It is because of his acts of goodness that I try to help people and his approach to conflict is something I try to emulate in my own life. He is my Doctor.

What is your favourite Doctor Who away from television?

I am a huge fan of the Titan comics series. My key interests are the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures and the Crossover events published each year. My favourite of these would most probably be ‘Doctor Who: The Four Doctors’, a five issue mini-event celebrating one year of Doctor Who comics with Titan. The story itself was so eloquently written and the artwork a masterpiece. I was enthralled, always making sure I got to the comic shop each week to grab the next issue. It was, in my opinion, the best Doctor Who comic crossover produced by Titan.

What is your favourite Doctor Who moment?

My favourite video clip is from ‘The Day of the Doctor‘, broadcast 5 years ago today. I love the scene in which the Doctor’s all fly their TARDISes around Gallifrey trying to defeat the Dalek threat. This scene showed all the Doctors working together across the ages and was an incredible tribute to the many lives of the Doctor. It was a spectacle to the eye for younger viewers such as myself. It also got me interested in the Classic Who era. I had always had a relative interest but watching this scene made me invest in the stories of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctors. From ‘Spearhead from Space‘ to ‘Robot‘ to ‘Castrovala‘, each episode was incredible and that one video clip in ‘The Day of the Doctor‘ inspired me to enjoy a new element of Doctor Who that many young fans sadly do not.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who and Thank You from all of us at BlogtorWho!


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