Peter Capaldi and Jason Chisholm - Photo Opportunity © Calgary Expo
Peter Capaldi and Jason Chisholm – © Calgary Expo

Today marks the 55th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Throughout the day the writers of BlogtorWho will share their stories of the show. They’ll explain what this simple television programme means to us. How it has shaped our lives. Our favourite moments, stories and characters. Read on to hear one of our writers, Jason, share his story of being a fan of Doctor Who

Short story long, or maybe vice versa, my daughter was born early April 2014. Once we came home from the hospital everything changed. Yes, my wife and I had a new love in our lives but I was also introduced to a new passion, Doctor Who.

Going to sleep or walking around with my daughter, I put something on in the background that I wasn’t going to care if I missed or fell asleep to. I wanted something new, to me, but that still felt old and comforting. I put on ‘The Three Doctors‘. Despite having no idea what was going on, I loved it. After that, I decided I would start with the new series since it was all on Netflix and wow, somehow I had even more love in my life!

I fell hard and fast for Doctor Who, buying anything I could from T-shirts to Funkos (not much variety in my neck of the Canadian woods). Consuming the show in any way was a pleasure. I would read about the show and rushed through my first of many viewings of Doctors Nine, Ten and Eleven. Then a new Doctor arrived! Those few people that I knew who were fans of the show weren’t warming up to him but I loved the Twelfth Doctor instantly! I was fortunate enough to have a photo-op with Mr. Capaldi a couple years ago and couldn’t have been more thrilled!

The day I met the Twelfth Doctor!
The day I met the Twelfth Doctor!

Meeting another Doctor

That’s jumping ahead a bit though. I lived a few months in France when my daughter was a year and a half. Delightfully, a comic shop was going to have a Doctor come visit. I hadn’t been watching the original series but when Sylvester McCoy was announced I made sure I watched his entire run. This marked my first real foray into classic Doctor Who (Slowly but surely I’m making my way through it all, no rush, I plan on living a while longer yet). My daughter would wake up from her naps and watch some with me because she was into it too. So we went out to meet the incredible Mr. McCoy and he was an absolute pleasure. He spoke with me and my family and took pictures with us. What a day! If I wasn’t already a rising fan that really cemented the deal.

The day I met the Seventh Doctor
The day I met the Seventh Doctor

Also while in France I was reading a lot of Doctor Who Magazine, to learn about the history, the Whoniverse and everything Doctor Who. It also kept pestering me with all those Big Finish Audios. I knew fans online liked them but I wasn’t one for audio. Until a sale with the 8th Doctor came along… need I say more? I’ve been hooked ever since listening to all ranges and loving every story. Big Finish is also what brought me to the wonderful world of BlogtorWho! I couldn’t be a more grateful fan for a franchise that challenges and changes itself in every way.

My daughter doesn’t care for Doctor Who as much but she has some of my posters on her wall and if I have it on she’ll still watch on occasion. Most recently she was too scared to continue watching ‘Pyramids of Mars‘. It was fun seeing how she needed to know what happened but couldn’t handle the tension. Just the kind of reaction you want! I may be late to the party but I plan on being here till the end (I realise my end will be here long before Doctor Who concludes and I’m just peachy with that).

Wall of DW posters
Wall of Doctor Who posters

Happy Birthday Doctor Who and Thank You from all of us at BlogtorWho.


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