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Today marks the 55th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Throughout the day the writers of BlogtorWho will share their stories of the show. They’ll explain what this simple television programme means to us. How it has shaped our lives. Our favourite moments, stories and characters. Read on to hear one of our writers, Jamie, answer some simple questions about Doctor Who

What does Doctor Who mean to you?

Doctor Who means everything to me. The show has been by my side as I have grown up from childhood to adulthood. It has shown me wonderful and amazing things that I will never forget. Doctor Who has introduced me to some of my best friends, through conventions and even speaking to fellow fans on Twitter.

I regularly attend conventions throughout the UK to meet my favourite Doctor Who actors, and until my dad passed away, he went to them with me. He wasn’t a fan of the show but enjoyed going with me to conventions just to see me happy. That is one of the biggest factors as to why I love the show, because it makes me feel closer to him.

When did you first Watched Doctor Who?

I first watched the show all the way back in 2005, with ‘Rose‘ being my first episode. At the time I was 5, nearly 6, and it captivated me unlike anything I had ever seen before. Since then Doctor Who has become a huge part of my life that I cherish dearly.

Who is your Favourite Doctor?

All of them. The clichéd answer. I struggle to pick a favourite because each Doctor means something different to me. I love the Ninth Doctor for being my first and the Twelfth Doctor has a special place in my heart also. I adore the Eighth Doctor and have fond memories watching the Fourth Doctor when I was younger. It’s impossible for me to choose, so I will say that The Doctor is my favourite Doctor.

What is your favourite Big Finish story?

Likewise with my favourite Doctor, narrowing my favourite Big Finish story down to one is a struggle. However, I would have to say that my favourite Big Finish release, at least at this moment in time, is The Wormery. This story features the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Iris Wildthyme (Katy Manning). I couldn’t stop smiling whilst listening to this release, as it was the perfect Doctor Who adventure. It was funny, it was thrilling, it was shocking! There are twists and turns that really keep you guessing until the last minute.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who and Thank You from all of us at BlogtorWho.


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