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This episode has so many twist and turns that we have kept the spoilers out of it.

If you haven’t seen the episode, you will be safe with our initial impressions but better yet go and watch it before reading anything further.

Susan Hewitt

Susan Hewitt
Susan Hewitt

It was rumoured that this year BBC and Chris Chibnall were pulling out all the stops and throwing everything they had at this years series.  Well we can all agree after watch tonight’s episode that can only be described as an understatement.  They have thrown the kitchen sink, the plumbing, all the water pipes running back to the city’s water supply and a good part of the ocean for good measure. And I am not sure how I feel about it. There was a lovely reveal that warmed my heart but as for the rest of the shocks, twist and turns…well!!

Vijay Patel wrote an excellent episode and Nida Manzoor has a talent for fast paced adventure. It was a dramatic intense ride with a tremendous amount of change.  I had me at the edge of my seat but I’m not sure about what the episode implies. I know I have to watch it again to see how I feel about the changes for the future.

One final point – BBC’s promotion for the episode just didn’t work.  I suspect many are planning to watch it on catchup.  It will be interesting to see the overnight figures. The intensity and impact will be lost as all the spoilers will out before many watch it on catch-up.

Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan, Blogtor Who Contributing Writer
Peter Nolan, Blogtor Who Contributing Writer

Well, that was an awful lot to take in!

Fugitive of the Judoon squeezes in an entire season’s worth of revelations and surprises and leaves you biting your nails down to the knuckles waiting to see where all this is going. If anything, the BBC’s promotion of this as a “You won’t believe what happens this week!” episode was underselling it! You have to applaud Chibnall and Patel for playing a blinder in giving the audience a hook to tune in.

The Judoon gave plenty of scope to sell the audience on what they *thought* this episode was going to be. But in the end, the Judoon are a side show to an episode that threatens to tear the Doctor as we know her apart. Buckle up kids. It’s clear that by season’s end we’re heading into the dark, both in terms of the tone and that it’s a leap into the unknown for us all.

Lianne Potts
It’s very difficult to saying much at all about this episode without giving anything away! I was very hesitant coming into ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’ in light of all the hype being generated by the official Doctor Who social media, but I’m very pleased to say that the hype was absolutely appropriate!
Much as with ‘Spyfall’, there was a lot to process in the episode, and it definitely warrants a second viewing. There were appearances not only from a familiar face who I’m sure any Doctor Who fan will be delighted to see, but also a few other characters no one can have expected to see!
Elsewhere, Patel and Chibnall did a brilliant job of bringing back the Judoon – I always love Doctor Who when the everyday and the alien collide, so it was brilliant to see the Judoon causing mayhem on Earth again. More broadly, this episode ends up asking far more questions than it answers with regards to this series’ overarching story arc, which we can only hope get answered over the next five episodes
Philip Hawkins

Attempting to build up hype in the way that the Marketing team have been this season is a high risk strategy, it didn’t work out so well when they claimed that Orphan 55 had a ‘must-see’ ending. It created expectations that they didn’t follow through on and left many disappoints.

No such problems for this week though as their cryptic Twitter post “If you thought the Master returning was big, just wait until tonight” was absolutely paid off in the episode.

The second we heard a certain voice a big grin spread across my face instantly injecting so much energy into the episode. Not that this episode was lacking. The Judoon instantly established their menacing threat, and there was some great stuff at the top from the Doctor and companions in the Tardis.

It is an interesting angle that the show is take as the Doctor has begun to distance herself from her fam.  But there were even BIGGER revelation of the episode that were even more of a surprise. The identity of the Fugitive was absolutely groundbreaking and raises so many interesting questions for the future of this current story Arc!

This episode brought us ground breaking revelations, some intense emotion from the Doctor and also some fun adventure on the way. More like this please.

Bedwyr Gullidge
This week’s capsule review of Doctor Who comes courtesy of Wikipedia.
Jumping the shark is the moment when something that was once popular, but that no longer warrants the attention it previously received, makes an attempt at publicity, which only serves to highlight its irrelevance.”
Doctor Who continues next Sunday on BBC One and BBC America.


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