The Doctor and co have face the Village of the Angels, but what did YOU think of it?

It was the closest Doctor Who: Flux is likely to have to a standalone episode. But it mixed creepy Weeping Angel scares with a shocking set of cliffhangers. And it certainly pushed all of Twitter’s buttons. Here’s what fandom had to say!


The general consensus was this was perhaps the best episode of not just Flux, but the Thirteenth Doctor era. Some even think it may be their new favourite Weeping Angel story! @TweetingCosplay and @MaxCCurtis and @JohnWMentor were among those praising the spine tingling story.


And, as a couple of fans pointed out, including @merryarty ,it being so good was particularly nice for Kevin McNally. After all, his previous appearance, The Twin Dilemma, is not exactly a fan favourite.


Others, like @QuizOfRassilon @DoccyWhoLover and @MeganBa5 took to Twitter to praise the way the Angels themselves were used in Village of the Angels. It used all the various ‘rules’ from down the rules, but also innovative new images like the Angel made of fire and the Doctor, Claire and the Angel on the strand with the water coming in from both sides.


Our course, one of Village of the Angels’ killer images was THAT cliffhanger. As you’d expect, it dominated Twitter after the episode aired. Plus a special shout out to all the fans on Twitter who liberally deployed F Bombs to express their shock and excitement. You know who you are. But @lewiisjefferies and @megsponchoboys were just a few of the others who managed to keep it clean while praising the cliffhanger.


Of course, the only thing to come close to eclipsing the Division ‘recalling’ the Doctor was the Next Time trailer’s reveal of the surprise return of Kate Stewart of UNIT! @JodieIsMyDoctor and @tomgardineruk were just two of the fans who helped get Kate Stewart trending on UK Twitter.

With the trailer also hinting that UNIT will take on Craig Parkinson’s Prentis/Grand Serpent, @gallifreyvn was ready to see the former bent copper destroyed. (And in fairness, he doesn’t have a good history with women called Kate)


Finally @GavinWinters was far from the only one calling for Village of the Angels co-writer Maxine Alderton to be back for Series 14.



Doctor Who: Flux continues next Sunday at 6.25pm on BBC One, and on BBC America and AMC+ in the US, with Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux

As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival.



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