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Doctor Who Fifteenth Doctor Target Books Covers Revealed

Four Target Books paperbacks of the Fifteenth Doctor's adventures are coming soon (c) Target Books

Covers and synopsis for the four new Target Books paperbacks adapting the Fifteenth Doctor’s adventures are here

Blogtor Who previously reported that three new Target Books novelising episodes from Doctor Who’s 2024 season would be arriving in August, along with the names of the authors. Now Target have unveiled the cover art for the three paperbacks, alongside the new cover art for The Church on Ruby Road, previously released in hardback. (You can read Blogtor’s review here.)

Longtime Target Books artist Anthony Dry departed the range at the end of the 60th Anniversary specials. Incoming artist Dan Liles brings a fresh new style to the covers with energetic compositions and a softer, coloured pencil-like style.

The four novelisations hit bookshelves and download folders on the 6th of August. There will also be audiobooks for the three new texts. Clare Corbett reads Space Babies, having previously read Thirteenth Doctor novel The Good Doctor. Though readers might know her best for her narration of The Girl on the Train. 73 Yards is read by Susan Twist, who appears briefly as a hiker in the television episode but, of course, appears briefly in every episode of the season. Finally, Rogue is read by versatile narrator Dan Starkey, who fans know mainly for playing various Sontarans since 2008.

Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road. Cover by Dan Liles (c) Target Books Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson . The Doctor and Ruby crawl along wooden planks, looking up, astonished. Around them are a cheering crowd of small goblins. And behind them roars the Goblin King, his fanged mouth open wide.
Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road. Cover by Dan Liles (c) Target Books

Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

Chance. Misfortune. Coincidence. These are the weapons of choice for the Doctor’s latest enemies. And those enemies are very, very hungry…

For Ruby Sunday, this Christmas Eve is a birthday she’ll never forget. It’s the day she joins the Doctor on board a Goblin ship. The day she learns of dangers from beyond the universe. The day her life really begins…or, perhaps, the day it ends.


Doctor Who: Space Babies. Cover by Dan Liles (c) Target Books

Doctor Who: Space Babies by Alison Rumfitt

In space, something can hear you scream. And that something is coming.

On her first adventure in outer space, Ruby learns that the universe is bigger, more colourful, and crazier than she could ever have imagined. She also learns that even the Doctor can feel afraid – and that certain nightmares are all too real…


Doctor Who: 73 Yards. Cover by Dan Liles (c) Target Books

Doctor Who: 73 Yards by Scott Handcock

How long is 73 yards?

Haunted by a sinister presence, Ruby must cope with losing the Doctor and the life she once knew. With her new life without her best friend becoming bleaker by the day, something terrifying is unleashed, and it’s up to Ruby to stop it.


Doctor Who: Rogue. Cover by Dan Liles (c) Target Books

Doctor Who: Rogue by Kate Herron and Briony Redman

Earth’s Regency era – a time of culture, extravagance, sumptuous balls… and aliens?

While Ruby is a popular new addition to the Duchess of Pemberton’s ball, the Doctor’s world is about to be forever rocked by a dashing visitor from space. With many party-guests facing an identity crisis like no other, it is up to the Doctor and Ruby to stop the menacing Chuldurs’ plot.



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