Fans of Doctor Who have been uniting around the world during this strange old time.

With watch-alongs on Twitter, brand new short stories, unearthed gems from the past, and specially-made treats (not gonna lie, we’re still blubbing from Farewell, Sarah Jane), it’s been lovely to see the Doctor Who community really looking out for each other.

One of the creative ways in which the show’s international fandom has been passing the time during lockdown is with the Homemade Who project.

Fans in every corner of the globe – from England to New Zealand, France to the Philippines, the USA to Italy – have been recreating their favourite moments from the past 15 years of Doctor Who!

Highlights include a lovely recreation of the 10th Doctor interrogating a rabbit in ‘The Day of the Doctor’, THAT classic 10th Doctor speech from ‘Voyage of the Damned’ (performed in two languages!), and a very creative rendition of Clara’s demise in ‘Face the Raven’.

There’s also some great 13th Doctor cosplaying and a wonderful homemade Dalek fashioned from a cardboard box and a sink plunger.

Not to mention some epic 12th Doctor speeches and one young fan playing Clara, Rigsy AND the 12th Doctor in a scene from ‘Flatline’!

You can watch some of the best clips that have been sent in so far on the @Homemade.Who Instagram page here.

Every single clip that is sent in will be included in a compilation video next month – and you could even win a copy of Big Finish’s The Legacy of Time (worth £49.99) – so it’s well worth getting involved!

If you’d like to take part, here’s what you need to know:

1. Your clip should be between 5-30 seconds long.

2. Film your clip in landscape (sideways/wide) – not portrait (upright/tall) or square – this is an important one!

3. Don’t add any music or text/titles to your clip.

4. Don’t include any actual footage from the TV series.

5. Entrants under the age of 18 must ask permission from a parent or legal guardian before submitting an entry.

The deadline for entries is midnight on Thursday 30th April 2020.

You’re welcome to send in more than one video and this is open to fans all over the world.

To enter, just email your video as an attachment to [email protected] – or upload it onto YouTube and email the link over.

You can find out more information here and there are loads of great examples to check out on Instagram.

Stay safe, everyone!


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