You’ve no doubt heard of the new initiative ‘Who Against Guns’, #WhoAgainstGuns. If you haven’t yet looked further into it, please read on as this is a worthy cause and there’s a special reward for donating.

The surviving students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland Florida, have been using their voices to advocate for better gun control laws. These brave young people have been focused and strong and communities all around the world are doing what they can to help. So too is the community of Doctor Who.

We, the Doctor Who fans, have an opportunity to help do our small part in ending gun violence while being rewarded. 40 fans made up of podcasters, writers, artists and more are all taking part in a massive 10 part audio commentary for War Games. Before you can hear it though there’s a small catch. This isn’t just any old podcast that’s to be released to the general public. This special edition commentary which will feature some very special guests and will only be made available to those that donate.

Donate $10 or more to one of the following charities: March For Our Lives, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence or Moms Demand Action in the US, or Campaign for Gun Control in Canada or in the UK – Gun Control Network. Once you’ve done that send along a copy of your receipt to and on March 12th you will receive access to this special podcast.

Things are going well!

If by March 12th, the day the podcast is set for release, the campaign raised $7000 Steven Moffat agreed to take part in the commentary. That’s a wonderful way to bring awareness. Happily, Reality Bomb Podcast, has announced that the goal has already been reached! Steven Moffat will be taking part and they’ve also announced Philip Hinchcliffe!


That doesn’t mean donations have to end. If you want to receive your copy, or just want to do your part, please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Help end gun violence.




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