Last night’s edition of BBC One talent “show” Epic Win featured a fan showing off his skill for identifying the death throes of Doctor Who monsters – watch the segment in the player above. The series is hosted by Alexander Armstrong who stars as the voice of Mr Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures and will also appear in the 2011 Christmas Special.

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  1. Ha… even I knew 3 of them… Empress Racnoss, and Malohkeh the Silurian were obvious because the music gives them away as being from NuWho and were fairly easy to work out and the Cyberman from Silver Nemesis would probably be obvious to anyone who enjoyed McCoy's tenure

  2. I knew the Cyberman and Sontaran. Racnoss and Silurian were too human sounding to be fair. Clearly a quiz made FOR Whovians but not BY Whovians.

  3. I got 3, Cyberman, Racnoss and the Quark. The Silurian just sounded human and the Sontaran I thought sounded a bit like Davros hissing… 🙁

  4. I got Quark, Cyberman and Sontaran. It just goes to show that there's nothing unique about any new series death – you just have to recognise the music.


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