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Doctor Who Extravaganza at Heathrow Terminal 5!

Yesterday saw the launch of some exciting Doctor Who goodness at Heathrow Terminal 5 to celebrate the show’s 50th Anniversary. Passengers traveling to the airport will find a Dalek, from the brilliant 2005 episode of the same name, and a TARDIS to get their pics taken beside (just to further accentuate the holiday fun!).
But there’s more to be found in the big blue box, as when you go inside you can enjoy the photo booth inside, and get your photo taken with a number of backgrounds (such as Gallifrey or one with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman).
There’s also a neat Eleventh Doctor and Clara photo wall, where you can put your own heads in where theirs should be (like old~skool Blackpool~style fun man!) and, depending on what day you’re at Heathrow Terminal 5, you can come face-to-face with a Nightmare In Silver Cyberman too! (Check out the list of dates and times below*)
One of those bad boys was there yesterday, stomping it up around Terminal 5 and genuinely scaring the heebeejeebees out of some poor kids (much to everyone else’s hilarity). The Cyberman did, however, find time to make new friends in between threatening the locals, befriending the odd child or two.
Said Cyberman also took the time to help conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra who had set up for the day to play range of recognisable Doctor Who themes, including All The Strange, Strange Creatures, I Am The Doctor, and, of course, the show’s theme tune (amongst others). It was almost curious but thrilling joy to find an orchestra belting out Who hits, as it were, in one of the busiest airports in the world to an appreciative audience (that grew over the time they were there).

Yesterday also saw an appearance from author of the wonderful Doctor Who novel Dark Horzizons, Jenny Colgan – who graced us with her fabulous TARDIS dress (courtesy of MayFaire Moon) and signed copies of her book for fans.

One last treat for travelers is the Time Traveler Passport which not only gets you a free iTunes download of Asylum of the Daleks, a free digital issue of Doctor Who Adventures, a fab postcard of the TARDIS on a Heathrow runway but also the chance to make your own little TARDIS. Once on your holiday, you can take a picture of your TARDIS in whatever glamorous location you choose to go to – then hashtag it on Twitter with #WhereDoYouWantToGo (or upload to the official Doctor Who Facebook page) and share with the world! (I wasn’t going anywhere, so I took a pic of mine outside my window, pictured right.)

Although we still sometimes think of Doctor Who as being “British”, this partnership is further evidence that the world’s greatest telly show is just that – a global brand that millions around the planet are more than familiar with. The TARDIS, Cybermen and Dalek certainly caused a stir and I was most heartened to hear Australia and American voices ask, “What’s Doctor Who doing here?”

So, if you’re in the area or popping in to, or out of, the UK (via London) then do keep an eye for some amazing Doctor Who goodness at Heathrow Terminal 5 – the exhibits and photo booths will be there for some time to come. A perfect way to start off your hols!

*Meet A Cyberman on the following dates and times:
Sat July 20 (1.30-4.30pm)
Fri July 26 (1.30-4pm)
Sun July 28 (2.30-5.30pm)
Thurs Aug 1 (1.30-4.30pm)
Sat Aug 10 (9-11.30am)
 Thanks to BBC Worldwide


  1. Great write-up and summary of the Doctor Who extravangza at Heathrow.

    One things also worth mentioning is that anyone having their photo taken in the booth has the option to either send it instantly to their own Facebook page or have it sent directly to their chosen email address.

    It really is a great experience for all Whovians (Doctor Who fans).

  2. Thanks!
    Do you reckon it will still be there for the celebrations in November?
    And is it worth going there especially for the display? I will be flying through a different airport..

    Also, hi! I'm the girl from Israel you talked to in Midnight (the convention) last December, the one who runs the DW conventions in Israel 🙂


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