The members of the BlogtorWho team give their thoughts on the brand new, exclusive look at the new Doctor Who, which was aired during the football World Cup Final.

Here’s what we made of the new video featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, Tosin Cole as Ryan, Mandip Gill as Yasmin and Bradley Walsh as Graham…

Susan Hewitt (Site owner and editor): 

The Doctor is coming. She’s Coming Home. BBC Doctor Who has released a quick small teaser introducing Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor and her three companions, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gil and Bradley Walsh. And the Doctor seems to have joined the instant delivery service, pizza, the Eleventh Doctor’s Beano and more?  Oh, that smile just reminded me of Tom Baker and that can’t be anything but good.

Peter Nolan:

I love the message sent in such little screen time. The Doctor’s new friends have friends and family. They have viewing parties with their mates for the World Cup Final (this show’s for you too, it almost whispers to the half the audience who came for finer points of the handball rule). And then comes the Doctor. Sometimes to gift you extra pizza, sometimes to knick your last sausage. Making your life a little less boring newspaper and more Beano Summer Special. That’s the essence of Doctor Who boiled down to thirty-nine seconds. Imagine what fifty-minute episodes will be like? Brilliant.

Lianne Potts: 

A great short but sweet glimpse of the new companions, and clever illustration of how the Doctor will end up bursting into their everyday lives by showing her seemingly rewinding time! Plus the closing shot is a lovely echo back to Jodie Whittaker’s original announcement teaser almost exactly one year ago!

Jamie Clydesdale:

Albeit short, this teaser evokes such excitement. Our first glimpse at the Doctor in costume, and her new friends truly leaves us wanting more. The teaser highlights how the Doctor can quite literally turn up and like a whirlwind get other people caught up in her adventures. I am very, very excited to see where Thirteen and her team take us in series 11!

Andrea McGuire: 

Don’t blink! You might miss it. Well, the series 11 trailer was short, but sweet. We glimpse new companions Ryan, Yasmin and Graham going about their daily lives before the new Doctor steps into them with the same excited smile we saw when she regenerated under the banner of ‘The Universe is calling’. There’s even a copy of The Eleventh Doctor’s copy of The Beano! Could this be a message that the new Doctor and her chums will be heading in a new direction? And can I get the number of that pizza delivery place?

PS – Does anyone else think that Yasmin’s mate looks like DeeDee Blasco from Midnight?


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