Doctor Who: Doom’s Day from Titan Comics arrives this October

Some of the initial details of the Doom’s Day multimedia crossover event for the 60th Anniversary have started to emerge. Among them is the confirmation of the entry by Titan Comics into the fun. We still don’t know much about Titan’s Doctor Who: Doom’s Day so far, with an official synopsis still unavailable. But we do know it will taken the form of a 64 page hardback graphic novel, which is arriving on the 17th of October.

Based on the pre-order listings for the book, we can also say that it comes from the familiar Doctor Who Comic creative team of writer Jody Houser and artist Roberta Ingranata.

Beyond that, we can just assume that it will follow the story outline set for the entire multimedia epic and deal with one hour of Doom’s quest to find the Doctor. Someone has sent literal Death after Doom. She can only outrun it for 24 hours. Unless she can find the Doctor… Launching later in 2023, this special multi-platform story will celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary by introducing a brand-new character on a 24-hour pursuit of the Doctor.

In Doctor Who: Doom’s Day, fans will meet Doom, the universe’s greatest assassin. Follow her as she travels through all of time and space in pursuit of the Doctor. Because they’re the only one who can save her from the ever-approaching Death. She only has 24 hours and a vortex manipulator to save herself before her fate is sealed forever. And her journey will take her through various media: comics, audios, books, and even mobile games.

Comedian and actor Sooz Kempner provides the face and voice of Doom. Though for the Titan Comics part of the story this will presumably take the form of Ingranata basing the assassin’s likeness of Kempner.


Doctor Who: Doom's Day (c) BBC Studios
Doctor Who: Doom’s Day (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who: Doom’s Day

You can pre-order Doctor Who: Doom’s Day from Titan Comics now via retailers like Amazon, where it’s priced at £14.99.


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