Doom’s Day gets four short stories on both CD and Vinyl this August as the assassin meets Ian, Barbara, the Ice Warrior, the Ood and… the Twelfth Doctor!

Hired assassin Doom is on a mission to save her own life before Death catches up with her. If she can find the Doctor they might be able to help her – but where in Time and Space are they?

These four missions, The Steel Cascade, The Martian Dilemma, An Ood Halloween and Dark Space, take Doom to a Mediterranean cruise ship in 1966, the planet Mars in the distant past, San Francisco in 1999, and finally a desolate planet in a dying solar system.

Along the way she meets former TARDIS travellers Ian and Barbara, the mighty Ice Warriors, and Brian the Ood. But when a mysterious stranger with silver hair and sunglasses turns up, will he be Doom’s salvation? (Considering the Twelfth Doctor is pictured on the inner sleeve art, Blogtor Who can take a guess!)

Written by Darren Jones and read by Sooz Kempner, Jaye Griffiths and Silas Carson, these four original stories form part of the multi-platform Doom’s Day adventure to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary.

The four stories in this collection take place between 4pm and 8pm on the worst, and possibly last, day of Doom’s life. Check out Blogtor Who’s complete hour-by-hour guide to discover exactly where they fit in.


The vinyl edition of Doctor Who: Doom's Day - Four from Doom's Day (c) Demon Records Sooz Kempner Twelfth Doctor Ian Barbara Brian the Ood
The vinyl edition of Doctor Who: Doom’s Day – Four from Doom’s Day (c) Demon Records

Demon Records also bringing the audiobook out on vinyl

Four from Doom’s Day will also be available on vinyl record from Demon Records. For that edition the four stories are split across 2 x 140g Translucent purple & blue vinyl LPs, in fully illustrated inner bags, are presented in an attractive
‘Doom-laden’ wide-spine outer sleeve.

  • Side A – The Steel Cascade
  • Side B – The Martian Dilemma
  • Side C – An Ood Halloween
  • Side D – Dark Space

The CD and download editions arrives in all good retailers on the 24th of August, while the vinyl record follows one day later on the 25th. Both are available for pre-order now.


Doctor Who; Doom's Day (c) BBC Studios Sooz Kempner Brian the Ood Missy
Doctor Who; Doom’s Day (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who: Doom’s Day begins on the 5th of June on the official Doctor Who social media channels


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