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Doctor Who: Dominant Species – Tom Baker’s latest box set out September

Doctor Who: Dominant Species (c) Big Finish

The Fourth Doctor, accompanied by companions Harry Sullivan and Naomi Cross, comes face to face with the Dominators and the Quarks!

In the 1968 Doctor Who TV serial, The Dominators, the Second Doctor encountered the
eponymous augmented humanoids, conquerors and self-proclaimed masters of the ten
galaxies. By their side were robotic servants, the Quarks.

This box set also reveals key moments in the journey of this Doctor’s current companions. The opening two-parter, The Face in the Storm, explores Naomi’s ancestry during a trip to the past. Then the four-part Dominant Species reveals how the two leave the Fourth Doctor…and start their adventures with the Seventh.

Producer David Richardson said: “Naomi and Harry’s journeys with the Fourth Doctor are
heading to their end – we know where they go next, but how do they get there? Dominant
Species throw danger and secrets from the past at the two companions as destiny awaits on the planet Taleeria.”

(L-R) Christopher Naylor, Tom Baker, Eleanor Crooks (c) Big Finish
(L-R) Christopher Naylor, Tom Baker, Eleanor Crooks (c) Big Finish

The Dominators are voiced by Clive Wood (Press Gang), Clive Hayward (The Windsors), and Joseph Kloska (The Crown). Also in the box set’s guest cast are Indra Ové (Sex Education), Polly Kemp (The Thick of It), and Rosalyn Landor (The Devil Rides Out).

The Face in the Storm by Sarah Grochala
1916 and the TARDIS has landed in the cargo hold of the SS Maycrest, a ship transporting
soldiers across the Atlantic.

Except that’s not all that’s being transported across the ocean. Because the Doctor and his
friends find a strange crate in the hold, a crate that’s unnaturally cold.

But the contents of the crate are not the ship’s biggest secret. Nor is its deadliest threat…

Dominant Species by John Dorney
It has been a long time since the invasion of Taleeria. The population is enslaved and subject entirely to the will of the conquerors – the Dominators and their deadly robot servants, the Quarks.

The Doctor, Harry and Naomi stumble into this perilous scenario and are soon separated… but freeing the people of Taleeria should be business as usual, shouldn’t it?

Where the Dominators are concerned, things may not be so simple…

Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Dominant Species is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition 3-disc CD box set (+ download for just £19.99) or as a digital download only (for just £16.99). All three of the box sets in this series (Storm of the Sea Devils, Metamorphosis, and Dominant Species) can be pre-ordered together in a bundle for just £54 (collector’s edition CD + download) or £48 (digital download only) exclusively at www.bigfinish.com.




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