A new deluxe vinyl boxset of Doctor Who: Demon Quest, starring Tom Baker, is on the way

Someone has stolen a key component from the TARDIS, leaving a bag of strange curios in its place. And so the Doctor and his housekeeper Mrs Wibbsey reunite for adventure. Each object leads the unlikely friends, along with the trusty Mike Yates, to a place and time where danger awaits. As their pursuer’s net closes around the Doctor, he realises the mysterious Demon is in thrall to higher power… Tom Baker is back! And this time he’s on a Demon Quest!

Following the success of the deluxe vinyl edition of Doctor Who: Hornet’s Nest, its sequel Demon Quest is getting the same high quality treatment from Demon Records (no relation). Doctor Who: Demon Quest is a second series of unique audio adventures starring Tom Baker as the Doctor. And it’s now on limited edition vinyl for the first time. Once again every copy includes an exclusive, frameable portrait of the Fourth Doctor, hand signed by Tom Baker himself. But that’s just one of the treats inside this stunning package.

An intricately die-cut, removable outer sleeve reveals a Demonic lidded box. Inside that box are ten individual, beautifully illustrated LP sleeves. Each sleeve features full cast and credits for each of the five stories. The Doctor’s Journal also details the Time Lord’s encounters with the mysterious Demon in a large sixteen page full colour booklet featuring notes and illustrations from this epic pursuit through time.


The full Doctor Who: Demon Quest package (c) Demon Records Fourth Doctor Tom Baker Nest Cottageh
The full Doctor Who: Demon Quest package (c) Demon Records

Demon Quest features a script by long time Doctor Who author Paul Magrs

This full cast audio drama is presented across 10 x 140g alternating red and black vinyl discs. Written by Paul Magrs, it stars Tom Baker as the Doctor, with Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey and Richard Franklin as Mike Yates. The supporting cast includes Nigel Anthony, Samuel West, Jan Francis, Trevor White, Lorelei King and Finty Williams. Meanwhile, original sound design accompanies the familiar Doctor Who theme from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.


Each copy of Demon Quest is signed by Tom Baker himself! (c) Demon Records Doctor Who Fourth Doctor
Each copy of Demon Quest is signed by Tom Baker himself! (c) Demon Records

This epic arc plays out across five stories:

The Relics of Time (LPs 1-2) – The Doctor and his friends travel to first century Sussex, only to be mistaken for evil wizards
The Demon of Paris (LPs 3-4) – 1890s Paris. A visit to the Moulin Rouge and an encounter with Toulouse Lautrec places the friends on a demonic killer’s trail
A Shard of Ice (LPs 5-6) – In the 1840s, the Doctor encounters the fearsome Snow Queen of fairy tales and legend
Starfall (LPs 7-8) – A real life superhero origin story unfolds in 1970s New York
Sepulchre (LPs 9-10) – In a mysterious mansion on the very edge of the universe, the Doctor and his friends face one final battle against their enemy

Doctor Who: Demon Quest (c) Demon Records Fourth Doctor Limited Edition Vinyl Tom Baker
Doctor Who: Demon Quest (c) Demon Records

You can pre-order Doctor Who: Demon Quest from all good audio retailers ahead of its release on the 2nd of October.


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