Doctor Who Comic Book Day - 1st July 2016
Doctor Who Comic Book Day – 1st July 2016

Doctor Who Day is back.  The yearly celebration of the Doctor Who comics is 9 July. Once again, Forbidden Planet and Titan Comics have assembled an amazing group of artists and writers for the day.  At four separate signings around the UK,  fans will have the opportunity to meet the talent behind their favourite stories.

Who’s Signing Who

At their flagship London store, the comics’ authors and artists will be autographing DOCTOR WHO: SUPREMACY OF THE CYBERMAN #1  from 1- 2pm.  Author Cavan Scott, known for his work on The Sarah Jane Adventures and various radio plays, will be attending. George Mann, author of many books, including Doctor Who novels will also be there, along with artist Rachael Stott, who is currently working on the Twelfth Doctor Year 2 comic with Titan Comics. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Cybermen, this popular foe of the Doctor is featuring on new comics, books, variant covers, and new figures.

In Birmingham store, artist Simon Myers,  will sign select covers of DOCTOR WHO 11th and DOCTOR WHO 12th from 1- 2pm.  And in Bristol,  author Rob Williams, longtime Doctor Who writer, will be signing DOCTOR WHO 11th DOCTOR VOL. 1 and other titles from 1 – 2pm.  Neil Edwards is at the Liverpool store. Edwards is a comic artist for Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Disney, and the new  Doctor Who series of  comics. Edwards will sign Forbidden Planet’s exclusive variant of THE FOUR DOCTORS from 1- 2pm.

Forbidden Planet will also have the UK exclusive ‘ARMY OF GHOSTS’ Cyberman TITANs figures available at these four stores. You can purchase other Cyberman TITANs online.

The Contest

And it wouldn’t be Doctor Who Comic Day without a contest! Take a selfie in front of all the Doctor Who merchandise in the London Forbidden Plant store window and you might just win the lot! The contest begins on 1st July. Further details are on the Forbidden Planet site. 





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