BBC Worldwide have announced that the UK release of Doctor Who – The Complete Seventh Series on DVD and Bluray WILL now include the 2011 Christmas Special, The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe. Its prequel will also be included.
The episode was omitted from last week’s announcement but this has now been rectified by BBC Worldwide. Alongside it, all thirteen episodes from Series 7 and the 2012 Christmas Special, the set also features:
• Behind the scenes featurettes for every episode (except The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)
Creating Clara
• Rain Gods
• Clara and the TARDIS
• Inforarium
• Clara’s White Christmas
• Last Days of the Ponds
• The Science of Doctor Who
• The Companions
• Doctor Who at Comic Con 
Olympics: Good as Gold (UK ONLY)
Pond Life
• The Making of the Gunslinger
• The Great Detective
• Vastra Investigates
• Demons Run: Two Days Later
• She Said, He Said
• Clarence and the Whispermen
• The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe prequel
• The Bells of Saint John prequel
Asylum of the Daleks prequel
• Audio commentaries for The Snowmen, Cold War, Hide, and The Crimson Horror

is released on October 28 in the UK
RRP: DVD £51.05/Blu-ray £57.18 

Check out the details for the North American boxset HERE.

Thanks to BBC Worldwide
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Cameron K. McEwan
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  1. Splendid news!
    Glad that the error/oversight/decision was rectified so (relatively speaking) quickly. Feel sorry for those who forked out for the vanilla version in the meantime though.

  2. Same here… I just managed to cancel the amazon order before despatch. What a naughty trick to play!

  3. Great. I'm sure the BBC will reimburse the money I've spent this week purchasing the standalone release of TDTW&TW.
    Since 2005, I've made a point of not buying vanilla/standalone releases, and waiting for 'Complete' boxsets. I haven't bought the Part One/Two sets of s7, preferring to wait. And I was naturally disappointed to read the 'confirmation' from the BBC that the 2011 special wouldn't be included on the UK release (despite it's inclusion on the US release). But it was only this Confirmation that led me to buy the solo release in the first place.
    It only cost £4.50, but that's not the point. How many mugs, like me, will have bought this (before the undoubted increased interest and subsequent price-hike in rhe autumn) in the last couple of days? And how much money will the BBC have made as a result?
    Of course I'm pleased that the BBC have listened to disappointed fans, and reversed their decision, but I'm also angry that they've caused me to spend money I needn't have spent.

    Right, rant over.

    • As you quoted the amazon price, if you got it from there they will give you a refund if you post it back to them.

  4. TDTW&TW is hands down the worst Christmas special ever, hell this is the worst episode ever. I think even worse than Fear Her. Who cares if they left that garbage out before. I'd rather just forget about it. Absolute crap!

  5. I don't think the BBC reversed anything – a set like this would have been locked down weeks ago. I think it was a clerical error that suggested no TDTWTW in the set. As for folks calling it the worst DW story ever – they really need to watch more Doctor Who. I can name 30 stories that are worse.

  6. bromley001 – I'm another mug who went out on Sunday and bought TDTWATW standalone despite never buying the standalone releases! Very frustrating. Wish the BBC would sort themselves out. It's like people who don't even know the show are putting together releases.

  7. It doesn't look like the "P.S" storyboard scene that takes place after "The Angels Take Manhattan" will be included. Just like I had suspected.

    That "Good As Gold" thing was rubbish. I wish it had not been included. Infact, I wish it had been replaced by the "P.S" storyboard scene that I mentioned earlier.

    I wish that "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" HAD remained to NOT be included, since it was such an awful episode. Hated it.


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