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Doctor Who Companion Chris Cwej Returns in Requiem Novelisation

Requiem (c) Arcbeatle Press

One-time Doctor Who companion Chris Cwej returns with a full adaptation of Andy Lane’s audio drama Requiem

Cwej: The Series returns on 23 April with Requiem – a prequel novel starring the Doctor’s former companion Chris Cwej, taking place before Down the Middle, adapted by SIGNET creator James Hornby.

It’s an adaptation of one of the Audio Visuals range of fan-made audio dramas from the late 1980s. The author of this particular audio, Requiem, is none other than Andy Lane, the creator of Chris Cwej. And the new version has a fun and vibrant cover by Jacob Keith.

In this adventure, a massive wave of temporal energy rips through the cosmos, all due to a music composition beyond its power. Chris and friends find themselves in peril once again. He must make an ultimate sacrifice to save the universe and put things to rights.

Requiem (c) Arcbeatle Press
Requiem (c) Arcbeatle Press

“Requiem is a new beginning for Cwej,” says Hornby, “It’s been written as a new jumping on point for readers. I can’t think of a better way to start exploring these characters than through a story written by his creator, Andy Lane. It’s been a blast writing Requiem, and I hope that enthusiasm is shared by our readers.”

“It’s been a tremendous honor to see James work tirelessly to bring our readership the greatest possible adaptation,” says range editor Hunter O’Connell. Cwej: The Series has never felt more adventurous and daring than it does in Cwej: Requiem.”

Cwej: Requiem will be available for print and Kindle on 23 April, 2024 in most territories. Preorders for the Kindle edition are now open, with the print version available for sale on the day of release. Future Cwej releases will follow in a bi-yearly schedule, beginning late 2024.



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