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Doctor Who comic – The Twelfth Doctor #4

Titan Comics have announced details and released artwork from their upcoming Doctor Who comic, The Twelfth Doctor #4. Check out the information below and click on the images for bigger versions.
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #4
Writer: Robbie Morrison
Release Date: Wednesday​ ​January 21, 2015
Past, present and future collide, as the Doctor, Clara and their Indian allies struggle to unravel a mystery that has been millennia in the planning!
What secrets are hidden by the Scindia family, a dynasty whose powerful roots trace back over a thousand years? What strange genetic modifications fuel the death cult of the Thuggee? And how will Rani, renegade Amazon, play into these world-changing events?
As each Thuggee sacrifice comes closer to waking the ancient Kali from her slumber, can the Doctor uncover the truth before her resurrection spells doom for India, Earth, and the galaxy?!
An unmissable epic for the newest incarnation of the Doctor!



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