Sony DADC’s interactive development group, LOOT Entertainment, and BBC Worldwide’s Digital Partnerships team have joined forces to bring Doctor Who to life like never before by creating a social gaming and commerce environment inside PlayStation®Home.  Available to more than 31 million PlayStation®Home users across the globe on March 27th, the Doctor Who on PlayStation®Home experience will immerse gamers in the world of Doctor Who by allowing fans to interact with iconic elements, explore and customize environments, and watch content from the popular television series in a social atmosphere.

Doctor Who fans can enjoy dynamic features based on the show’s most popular characters and scenery, such as the Eleventh Doctor and River Song costumes, and a TARDIS- themed private space and clubhouse. Users can also visit the Doctor Who-themed LOOT Space Station Theater for additional video content from BBC Worldwide and shop for Doctor Who items – both virtual and real – via LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand system.

“We’re really excited to be bringing this much-loved series to social and virtual worlds,” said Simon Hutson, senior vice president digital development at BBC Worldwide. “Discovering new ways to engage with our fans is incredibly important to us, especially as we approach Doctor Who’s 50th year.”

“We are committed to preserving the spirit and aesthetic of Doctor Who
while introducing this historic franchise to PlayStation®Home” said
David Sterling, vice president of business development, LOOT
Entertainment. “It’s the same Doctor Who millions have loved for almost
50 years—with a virtual, interactive, and social twist.”

In celebration of the series’ 50th Anniversary, additional Doctor Who themed virtual goods, environments and social experiences will be added to Doctor Who on PlayStation®Home throughout 2013.

Thanks to BBC Worldwide



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