Young gamers can now transport themselves inside the iconic world of Doctor Who for a limited time in Nightfall, the BBC’s online multiplayer game

The Thirteenth Doctor is taking another leap into the world of gaming. Earlier this year we saw the award winning success of The Runaway and The Edge of Time. And this time she’s joining forces with Nightfall, the online multiplayer game for younger children.

In Nightfall, players control a version of themselves that exists in their dreams – a Nightfaller. Their purpose: to work with other Nightfallers and defend the Dream from Nightmares, made up of worries from the waking world.

The game’s REM Zone 2 has been transformed into a Doctor Who Zone until the 29th of September. And it’s up to Nightfallers to work together there and keep the Doctor’s most infamous villains – the Daleks – at bay. The free-to-play game gives players the chance to claim new outfits and style their Nightfaller as Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, or as one of the Doctor’s long-standing enemies, the Cybermen. Once they’ve unlocked the outfits, they’ll be able to keep them forever.


The Doctor Who Zone allows players to claim Nightfaller versions of the Thirtheenth Doctor and the Cybermen's outfits, which they can keep even after the Zone's run ends. (c) BBC Childrens Nightfall Dalek Weeping Angel Online Multiplayer Game
The Doctor Who Zone allows players to claim Nightfaller versions of the Thirtheenth Doctor and the Cybermen’s outfits, which they can keep even after the Zone’s run ends. (c) BBC Childrens

Nightfall helps bring children together just when their furthest apart

The Doctor Who Zone is one of five REM zones available within the game. Between them they can host up to 20 players at a time. Nightfall is being continuously updated and this time-limited feature is the latest in a series of collaborations with BBC brands, with more coming soon.

Rachel Bardill, executive editor, BBC Children’s has explained the Nightfall gaming philosophy. “Nightfall puts collaboration before competition, and this new Doctor Who zone is an exciting addition, transporting children inside the world of the Doctor to unite and take on the Daleks together.

“It’s especially important now for kids to connect when they’re apart from friends and classmates. And Nightfall is bringing them together in an online dream world to help defeat Nightmares.”

The Doctor Who Zone is available until 29th September. Download Nightfall now for
iOS, Android and Amazon devices, or play online here.

Meanwhile, you can watch a trailer for the new Doctor Who Zone here.



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