Doctor Who Chronicles: 1988 swaps diamonds for silver, as the Doctor and Ace battle to save the universe as only they can

It may be the show’s diamond anniversary this year, but the new volume of the Doctor Who Chronicles series from the Doctor Who Magazine team brings us back in time to its silver jubilee. Yes, the next stop for the Chronicles time machine is 1988! The Doctor, in the form of Sylvester McCoy, was covered in more question marks than ever. But that was just the beginning, as new mysteries began to surround him. Season Twenty-Five is when we first learned he was “more than just a Time Lord,” and got our first hints of a role in the earliest days of Gallifrey’s foundation. It’s the year the Daleks and Cybermen met their final ends (for now), and the Doctor fought for the right to sing the blues.

It was also the year that begged the question of whether it really was the greatest show in the galaxy any more, and prompted letters of complaint from real life candy men. And now Chronicles: 1988 examines all the drama, in front of and behind the cameras.

This lavish 116-page publication from the makers of DWM looks at the stories, people, events and news in this remarkable year – a time when Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred starred as the Seventh Doctor and Ace, and the show celebrated its 25th anniversary with four memorable adventures: Remembrance of the Daleks, The Happiness Patrol, Silver Nemesis and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. The bookazine includes exclusive articles, previously unpublished interviews and rare behind-the-scenes images.

All in all, the new issue of Chronicles looks better than good. It looks ace.


Doctor Who Chronicles: 1988 (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Season 25 Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy
The cover of Doctor Who Chronicles: 1988 (c) Panini

Doctor Who: Chronicles 1988

Doctor Who: Chronicles – 1988 is on sale the 16th of February, RRP £11.99 from the Doctor Who Magazine section of the Panini store and selected branches of WH Smith while stocks last. It will also be available digitally from


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