The makers of Doctor Who Magazine present a new 116-page bookazine about the show’s Twentieth Anniversary year – 1983!

Arguably, few years stand out in Doctor Who history more than 1983. The show’s 20th anniversary was a milestone in an era when few series had achieved such longevity. More than that, it was a celebration when the show and its fans first showed a self-awareness of Doctor Who’s status as not just a popular TV show, but an enduring phenomenon. Huge transatlantic conventions, a variety of non-fiction books and a National Film Theatre retrospective celebrated the programme’s status as a cultural institution. But in many other respects, 1983 was about looking forward – British television now boasted four networks, microcomputers were becoming commonplace and a home video revolution was looming. Could the show maintain its prominence in this new landscape?

1983 is the third in Doctor Who Magazine’s Chronicles range of bookazines, following issues devoted to the years 1965 and 1975. Each issue takes an in-depth luck at every aspect of the show during a particular year. This issue includes newly discovered images and all-new features, with articles on the most important events in the Whoniverse (on and off screen), memorabilia released in 1983, Doctor Who in the popular press, Doctor Who Annual 1984, Target Books, US conventions, computer games, special effects and the Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special, plus overviews of Arc of InfinitySnakedanceMawdryn Undead, Terminus, Enlightenment, The King’s Demons, The Five Doctors and more. It’s your essential guide one of the biggest celebrations in the show’s history.


Doctor Who Chronicles: 1983 (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Fith Doctor Peter Davison Doctor Who Season 20
Doctor Who Chronicles: 1983 (c) Panini

Doctor Who Chronicles: 1983

The new Chronicles bookazine is one sale now, priced £9.99 (UK). Doctor Who Chronicles: 1983 can be ordered from the Panini store. You can also buy the digital edition from Pocketmags (£8.99). You can also find it in WH Smith and all good newsagents.


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