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Doctor Who 1965 Wide

Doctor Who Chronicles: 1965 (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine First Doctor William Hartnell

Doctor Who Chronicles: 1965 (c) Panini. Cover shows the First Doctor in close up, looking worried, set into a set of concentric circles. In a montage around the circles are Koquillion (in an ant-monster mask and black robes), a Dalek, a giant black ant (Zarbi) and three nearly identical women with blonde hair worn up, slighty shapeless knee length skirt uniforms with big holster belts, and holding massive laser rifles. Behind all is a version of the original Doctor Who opening titles. Everything has a light purple wash colour to it, though the Doctor himself is mainly naturally coloured. Text reads Doctor Who Chronicles 1965. The Doctor Who is the 2018 logo and the 1965 is a huge solver number that dominates the lower quarter of the image.

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