Matt Smith has confirmed that filming on the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special, and his final episode as The Eleventh Doctor, will begin on Sunday (Sep 8). Speaking to ITV breakfast show Daybreak, the outgoing Time Lord stated he would also be wearing a wig for the story (having had his head shaved for his new film, How to Catch a Monster) which is written by Steven Moffat, directed by Jamie Payne (Hide) and will see the first appearance of Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor. Watch an interview with Matt in the player below.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a “spoiler” for the 2013 Christmas Special beneath the clip.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a “spoiler” for the 2013 Christmas Special coming up.
Returning for Matt’s farewell are the Cybermen.


  1. I guess the Cybermen are an obvious 'budget choice' given all the money will have been spent on the 50th, and those natty new costumes deserve a second look. They did look great, so I'd look forward to a festive return.

  2. So…T-1000 style Cybermen, no Silence (and hence no answers to the many dangling questions)…no Master, either. I guess Moffat decided to go out with a whimper after blowing the budget on his "blockbusters". This year's been a far cry from the cup overflowing of Doctor Who that the BBC promised.

  3. I think just because the Cybermen are in it doesn't mean they'll be the main/only villain — think of all the Dalek 'cameos' we've had during Moffat's era, for instance.

    Equally, I love them, so I won't complain if they are. Though bringing the Silence back to sort out that mess might be more fitting.

  4. I'm genuinely curious about what 'dangling questions' are left regarding the Silence. I liked them a bunch and wish they'd popped up more often in Series 6, but there's nothing we need from them story-wise.

  5. One good dangling question is who's voice was it in the TARDIS saying silence will fall, and why did it want to destroy the TARDIS and destroy the Universe in the first place? It seems like it wanted to frame the Doctor. Oh and there was never anything more about the Headless Monks. It's also a tragedy we won't get to see John Simm return as the Master. Hell he should be in the 50th anniversary! I sure would have loved to see the Master face off againt the 11th Doctor.


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