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Doctor Who Christmas Special – The Husbands of River Song hints

As a very special seasonal treat, here are 12 extra teasers for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. These are not quotes this time, but hints and teasers as to what happens. Read Blogtor’s spoiler-free review HERE. The Husbands of River Song airs 5.15pm, Dec 25 on BBC One.

As predicted in 2008, The Doctor has a “new haircut and a suit”

River Song paraphrases Oscar Wilde.

A Doctor Who charity single from 1985 may be revived after this ep.

Jim the Fish is quite well known apparently.

The Husbands of River Song has something in common with A Christmas Carol and NO other Christmas Special.

Toby Whithouse.

Booze turns up in an place on board the TARDIS

Murray Gold breaks out some hits from the past.

The Doctor must have been reading Douglas Adams again.

River doesn’t have a conscience any more.

The events of The Time of Angels/Flesh & Stone were made into a movie apparently.

A moment that occurred in The Next Doctor happens again. With two extra.


  1. I know it's something that you probably would have been forbidden to even hint at, but I am hoping there is some reference to Clara. Even a subtle one (heck, I'll settle for the Doctor not having gotten around to erasing the blackboard in the TARDIS). I know he's supposed to be moving on and all that but it's still too close to Hell Bent.


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