Doctor Who Christmas Gift Guide

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is coming! (On Dec 25 this year.) Included below are some of the finest Doctor Who gifts to give a loved-one or ask Santa for. (It’s not too late you know!)
Available from: LEGO Store, Toys R Us and Amazon

Starting with possibly the BEST thing that you find waiting for you on Christmas Day (well, apart from the TARDIS itself), is this delicious LEGO Doctor Who set. Check out Blogtor’s review HERE  but be aware – this set is selling VERY fast!
Available from: BBC Shop and Amazon

More LEGO! And MORE awesomeness. We haven’t had the chance to review this beauty yet – and we will – but this is about as much fun as it is possible to have with Doctor Who. This level pack works with the already pretty stunning LEGO Dimensions starter pack (which includes a Doctor Who level). Riding around on K-9 blasting Daleks is far more pleasing than you could possibly hope for AND, once you reach a certain level, you can play as past Doctors (each with their own TARDIS interior and soundtracks to match). Sublime!
Available from: BBC Shop and Amazon

Let’s go old-skool for some classic Doctor Who fun here with the umbrella made famous by the Seventh Doctor – as played by that rambunctious spoon-playing Scotsman, Sylvester McCoy. Made by Lovarzi, this item is a beauty for all fans of Seven – and do check out their range of scarves, ties, jumpers and even handkerchieves too!
Available on bluray: BBC Shop and Amazon | Available on DVD: BBC Shop and Amazon

This beautiful boxset is just MADE for Christmas. From its beautiful packaging to the EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who Christmas Cards inside, this would be a terrific gift for any Whovian waking up on Christmas morning. Oh, AND it’s got TEN Doctor Who Christmas Specials on it too! With an exclusive, and hilarious, extra hosted by Rufus Hound (The Woman Who Lived).

Single Duvet: BBC Shop and Amazon | Double Duvet: BBC Shop and Amazon

Feeling comfy? But not comfy, or timey-wimey enough? Then perhaps these lovely TARDIS duvet sheets and pillow will help you dream of traveling in space and time. It’s an absolutely terrific design, very eye-catching and suitable for young and, *coughs*, old. Available on both single and double duvet sizes (in case you have a friend over for a sleepover).

Available from: BBC Shop and Amazon

Missy, formerly The Master, escaped from Gallifrey when the Doctors freed the planet from the Time War in The Day of The Doctor. Now, only she knows its whereabouts. But as she watched the Doctor and Clara on their adventures through Series 8, she left a vital clue to its whereabouts somewhere in space and time and one of the doctor’s enemies has found it. Can you figure out what the clue is, where she left it and who holds the key to locating Gallifrey and sending The Doctor home? 
Available from: Character Options and Amazon

Speaking of Missy! These two gorgeous figures were released a couple of months ago by Character Options and they are sublime AND limited (only 4,000 produced). The Missy figure is available in two variants; a black jacket version from Series 8 Episode 12; Death and Heaven and a purple outfit version. Standing 5.5 inches tall, the Missy figure includes 18 points of articulation, is highly detailed and realistic. As an added feature, each head can be removed and swapped so that both expressions can be incorporated into each outfit and they both include a teleport accessory and iconic umbrella.
The bespoke Collector Series packaging is easy to display and re-sealable so that the Missy can be enjoyed without losing the collector’s authenticity.
Bluray available from BBC Shop and Amazon | DVD available from BBC Shop and Amazon
What self-respecting Who-fan would be without actual episodes on DVD/bluray? The first part of the sensational Series 9 with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is already available to own and includes the first six episodes along with 3 exclusive extras.



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