The Celestial Toymaker arrives on vinyl this month in the latest Who Vinyl release

Another lost classic of the 1960s gets the vinyl treatment from Demon Records. Season Three’s The Celestial Toymaker is hitting shops on the 30th of September. Only one of the four episodes survive, but now the First Doctor story has entered a whole new dimension with this vinyl release.

“We shall play endless games together, your brain against mine.”

When the TARDIS lands in the Celestial Toyroom, its occupants meet a new and deadly opponent. The Toymaker rules this ethereal kingdom, and he desires the Doctor, Steven and Dodo to become his perpetual playthings. While Steven and Dodo face a series of challenges posed by clowns, ballerinas and living playing cards, the Toymaker himself challenges the Doctor to play the fiendish Trilogic Game. His only hope of escape is to beat the powerful entity at his own game…

A plan for a return to battle the Sixth Doctor among the rollercoasters and games arcades of Blackpool went unfulfilled. But the Toymaker went on to be a recurring villain across various tie-in media. He also stands out among the history of Doctor Who as one of the few godlike enemies the Doctor has come up against. In some ways the show’s equivalent of Star Trek’s Q. You could even call him the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced…


The Celestial Toymaker vinyl release (c) Demon Records Doctor Who First Doctor
The Celestial Toymaker vinyl release (c) Demon Records

The surreal classic is presented across two vinyl discs, available from the 30th of September

Presented across 2 x 140g ‘King & Queen’ red & blue coloured vinyl discs, this 1966 TV adventure is narrated by Peter Purves, who also plays Steven. It stars Michael Gough as the Toymaker, with Jackie Lane as Dodo and a supporting cast including Carmen Silvera, Campbell Singer and Peter Stephens. Doctor Who stalwart Dudley Simpson composed the incidental music. Meanwhile, the familiar strains of the Doctor Who theme are courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The LPs are presented in a fully illustrated gatefold sleeve showing cast and credits, and inner bags featuring complete episode billings. It’s available to pre-order now from your usual vinyl stockists.


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