The new cast of Doctor Who will appear on CBBC show Saturday Mash-up! this morning, Saturday 29th September.

Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Bradley Walsh (Graham), Tosin Cole (Ryan), and Mandip Gill (Yasmin) will put in an appearance on the CBBC show Saturday Mash-up! with hosts Jonny Nelson, Yasmin Evans and Hacker T Dog.

The CBBC Twitter account has released a clip showing Jodie Whittaker being interviewed by Hacker T Dog. The canine presenter gets the new Doctor Who to scratch his fleas while he asks her which planet she’d like to go to. Jodie opts for the prosaic answer of Neptune, while her pooch pal opts for a planet of Sue Barkers(!).


The full interview will be shown on the show that airs on Saturday morning, 29th September from 9:00 – 11:00am.

We can’t say we’re regular CBBC viewers here at Blogtor Who, but in the great British tradition of Saturday morning children’s programmes, Saturday Mash-up! regularly features some crackers-sounding segments such as ‘How many things in a thing?’, ‘Make me viral’, ‘Stars behind bars’, and the evergreen…gunging. Will the new TARDIS crew be subject to any of these hilarious goings-on? We shall have to tune in and see!


Saturday Mash-up! will air on CBBC this morning (Saturday 29th September) from 9:00 – 11:00am.

Doctor Who returns on Sunday 7th October at 6:45pm on BBC One.



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