The Fourth and Twelfth Doctors will soon be ready to join your Build-a-Bear collection!

Build-a-Bear are bringing out more toys as part of their Doctor Who range. They’re adding the Fourth and Twelfth Doctors, along with a special soft toy version of K9! These come after previous releases of the Tenth, Eleventh and Thirteenth Doctors. Most of those are long sold out, but the blue suit version of the Tenth Doctor (with 3D glasses) is still available, along with a soft toy Dalek.

The new Build-a-Bear Doctors will be released in slightly different forms in the United States and United Kingdom. In the US you’re already able to buy a complete Bear of each one, fully kitted out with all his gear. However, in the UK, the sets listed as coming soon are simply the Fourth and Twelfth incarnations’ costumes and accessories. So you’ll need to either swap them onto a Build-a-Bear you already own or buy new bears separately. It’s possible, however, that listings for the full bears will be put up at at later date.

UPDATED: The complete Fourth and Twelfth Doctor Bears and Gift Sets are NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK! Browse the whole collection here!


The Fourth Doctor Build-a-Bear ready to walk in eternity (c) Build-a-Bear Doctor Who
The Fourth Doctor Build-a-Bear ready to walk in eternity (c) Build-a-Bear

One of Doctor Who’s most iconic looks of fedora and long scarf is finally ready in bear size

The Fourth Doctor Build-a-Bear’s costume riffs on one of Tom Baker’s most iconic looks. Similar to his appearance in stories like Pyramids of Mars and The Hand of Fear, it features a miniature burgundy frock coat, fedora, wine cravat, Prince of Wales check waistcoat, and grey trousers. It even comes with a little sonic screwdriver that attaches to your bear’s hand, complete with sound chip.


The Twelfth Doctor's costume in Build-a-Bear form (c) Build-a-Bear Doctor Who
The Twelfth Doctor’s costume in Build-a-Bear form (c) Build-a-Bear

The Twelfth Doctor Build-a-Bear channels his appearance in The Magician’s Apprentice

Meanwhile, the costume of Build-a-Bear’s version of Peter Capaldi’s incarnation is based on one he wore in Series Nine’s The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar. It features a t-shirt based on the Doctor’s ‘Misty Mountain’ top, a black hoodie, navy crombie style coat with red edging (though note this lining doesn’t extend all the way around the back), and grey check trousers. It even comes with a soft version of the Time Lord’s distinctive  “Fender Stratocaster that had been described to someone who had never seen one” guitar. The images of the American version also include the sonic sunglasses, though they don’t appear in the British listing.


Build-a-Bear are also bringing out a cuddly toy K9 (c) Build-a-Bear Doctor Who
Build-a-Bear are also bringing out a cuddly toy K9 (c) Build-a-Bear

Also coming soon, you can even get a cute cuddly K9 as your Build-a-Bear’s best friend

The adorable little stuffed toy K9 is available separately and makes the perfect companion to your Time Lord. All three new items are listed on the UK site as “Coming Soon” but with no firm release date listed. But don’t worry, Blogtor Who will be sure to let you know as soon as there’s a date available. They’re also online exclusives so don’t expect to see them in stores.

US Build-a-Bear Doctor Who (note: it will automatically bounce UK users to the UK site)

UK Fourth Doctor costume

UK Twelfth Doctor costume

You can also browse the entire collection at the Build-a-Bear Doctor Who page.


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