The Eleventh Doctor, courtesy of Andrew Skilleter
Included here is a sneak-peek at the new Doctor Who book, The Big Book of Lists, from Cameron K McEwan and legendary artist Andrew Skilleter – click on the image for a bigger version. In the run-up to the release of the book in March, we’ll be sharing some more amazing images. You can check out more of Andrew’s wonderful art on his website HERE.
The book also features an EXCLUSIVE list from Doctor Who composer, Murray Gold – including some fascinating insights to his work and most popular themes and scores! Check out all the details on the title below.
Known for his popular lists, Cameron K. McEwan, author of The Who’s Who of Doctor Who, is back with a book that compiles loads of fun facts and never-before-heard tidbits about the Whoniverse. (It’s bigger on the inside!) 
Pour over a wealth of fascinating lists about the TARDIS, Gallifrey, and Daleks, as the fandom unites in epic appreciation for The Doctor. Organized by theme, Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists will cover everything over the past fifty years of the epic series including: doppelgangers, popular locales, regenerations, Gallifrey adventures, highest-rated episodes, plots, characters and loads more. 
Accompanied by the incredible Doctor Who artwork of Andrew Skilleter and loaded with weird and interesting facts and quizzes, this is the perfect gift item for the Time Lord lover in your life.


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