Steve Cambden is a Doctor Who fan, just like the rest of us. The only difference is that, at age 16, he was fortunate enough to take his fascination with the TV programme and turn it into a career. He’s also taken us back in time and behind the scenes through two books.

For those who are perhaps unaware of Steve Cambden, he is a former K-9 assistant operator who worked on the final two seasons of Tom Baker’s run on Doctor Who. He’s since gone on to have a career as a technician for stage and film. But he’s also a writer. He’s written two books; ‘The Doctor’s Affect’ and ‘The Doctor’s Effects’.

Sadly, these books have been lacking an online presence and have been somewhat difficult to obtain abroad. However, the good people from ‘The Ark In Space’ have worked with Cambden to make these books more accessible. Now both books are available to purchase online for postage to Europe and the rest of the world. They’ve also shared with Blogtor Who two never before released photos and we are all thrilled to share them with you!

BTS on ‘Destiny of the Daleks’ (c) Steve Cambden

‘The Doctor’s Affect’ is Cambden’s personal story of how he landed the job and he takes us through his time on the show including personal pictures of his own. ‘The Doctor’s Effects’ is a series of interviews, 30 in total, from people who had worked on the show behind the scenes and also includes unseen photos.

BTS on ‘Nightmare of Eden’ (c) Steve Cambden

Though Cambden does conventions and university tours, it’s not always easy to make it to these events. Now there’s an easier way to obtain these books and get a taste of behind the scenes! To make it sweeter they’re personally signed by Cambden.

Visit the Steve Cambden website to learn more and make your purchases. In case you still need a bit more enticing here are just a few readers comments, with at least one reader you know and love.

The Doctor’s Affect

“An unexpectedly moving and funny rites of passage tale of a boy and his extraordinary tin dog muddling through the BBC. Essential reading for anyone with a love of Seventies Doctor Who.”

 GARETH KAVANAGH – publisher Vworp Vworp

“A wonderfully warm account of a young man’s journey into Doctor Who, both as a fan and as someone who had the privilege of working behind the scenes during Tom Baker’s final two seasons. A fascinating insight into the production of the series in the late 1970s.”

RICHARD BIGNELL – publisher Nothing At The End of The Lane

Tom Baker and Steve Cambden (c) Steve Cambden

The Doctor’s Effects

“Well Done! Another useful book to fill a real gap. I hope the fans will go for it big.”


“The book is a delight, you have really captured the feel of the FX department of the 70’s. What a gem for those Doctor Who fans out there, a mine of information & insight.”


“At last, a book that celebrates the real heroes of Doctor Who.”


You seem to have gathered a wealth of effects stories, some of which I’ve heard in the bar over the years, but several which were new to me. Fascinating stuff.


Visit the website for more details and to purchase the books.


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