The new Doctor Who Annual is here!

Despite the current warm weather making it hard to believe, it really is Autumn. And there’s no better proof of that than the arrival of the traditional Doctor Who Annual, ready to either be hidden away until Christmas morning or to be devoured immediately.

This year’s hardback features all the usual puzzles, facts, and photos you’d expect, plus a preview of a Tenth Doctor story from the upcoming Ten Days of Christmas short story collection which continues as an exclusive Fourteenth Doctor comic strip (though Blogtor Who’s not quite sure how that works, to be honest). The annual also celebrates the history of the sonic screwdriver along with an up close look at the current version and traces the evolution of the TARDIS Police Box and console room (but without a preview of the new one, sorry!)

Plus, read Russell T Davies’ quick tease of the Fifteenth Doctor before he arrives this Christmas! You can see a special video trailer for the annual on official Doctor Who X account.


Doctor Who Official Annual 2024 Fourteenth Doctor Fifteenth Doctor David Tennant Ncuti Gatwa
Doctor Who Official Annual 2024. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctor stand side by side alongside a background of of purple and pink diamond facets

Doctor Who Annual 2024

Featuring an exclusive Fourteenth Doctor story!

You’ve never seen a Doctor Who Annual quite like this . . .

In November 2023, Doctor Who returns to our screens with an almighty TARDIS-crashing bang. David Tennant is back as the Doctor, Catherine Tate is back as the incredible Donna Noble.

And this celebration of 60 years of Doctor Who really is just the beginning . . .

The Doctor Who 2024 Annual is THE place to start this incredible journey – with exclusive information about this amazing new era, including behind-the-scenes photos, dialogue, costumes and hints from the new episodes.

It even includes a never-seen-before Fourteenth Doctor story, and a sneak peek at the long-awaited Fifteenth Doctor . . .

So get your sonic screwdrivers at the ready, and plunge into a Whole New Who World.


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