The Doctor Who Annual 2022 is available for pre-order now!

No matter hail, or rain, or global pandemic, an ancient tradition continues this year. Yes, it’s the Doctor Who Annual! Released on the 2nd of September ready to be stuffed into the Christmas socks of fans around the world, the 2022 annual features a unique framing sequence. Harking back to Revolution of the Daleks, it takes the form of the Thirteenth Doctor’s prison diary. So join the Time Lord as she counts the days until she’s reunited with her Fam. It will also include all the puzzles, games and facts we’ve come to expect from the annual range.

The hardback annual from BBC Children’s Books contains 64 pages of fun and games with the world’s favourite Time Lord. This year’s book has been edited and designed by Paul Lang, who’s been involved in the annuals for the past number of years. He was also part of the team on the Doctor Who Adventures magazine for younger readers.


Doctor Who Annual 2022. (c) BBC Books TARDIS Police Box Thirteenth Doctor
Doctor Who Annual 2022. (c) BBC Books

Doctor Who Annual 2022

Hello! I’m the Doctor, and this is my book.

Only it isn’t like other books, because I’m going to tell you what happens at the end first – I escape! From space prison!

Amazing eh? But while I was locked up I kept a diary, and you can read some of it in the pages that follow – along with loads of top-secret intelligence reports from my friends (and even some enemies). Enjoy!

The ultimate guide to all things Doctor Who – from the Doctor herself whilst she’s locked up in space prison!

Jam packed with activities, puzzles, stories and all your favourite characters from series new and old, your journey through time and space starts right here.


The Doctor Who Annual 2022 can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and Hive and will be on general release in all good bookshops from September.


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