Big Finish have won the prestigious Best Audio Drama Award at this year’s Scribes. They’ve declared a tie between Doctor Who: Out of Time and Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4

The Scribe Awards celebrate excellence in licensed tie-in novels and audio dramas based on TV shows, movies and games. This year the judges felt compelled to award a tie to two Big Finish releases as Best Audio Drama.  And the tie represents the diversity of storytelling in the Big Finish arsenal. Doctor Who: Out of Time features multi-Doctor action with the Fourth and Tenth Doctors. Both arrive at a sprawling space catherdral that exists outside of time and space just before a Dalek invasion. Meanwhile a single voice leads the listener through Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4. Experimental and immersive, it takes the form of a mindfulness tape turned malevolent. All while using the voice of Sir Michael Palin (playing himself… sort of).

In an announcement posted on the Big Finish site, Nicholas Briggs, the company’s Creative Director, said: “It’s a real point of pride for all of us who work at Big Finish that we strive to make sure our scripts are top notch. We’re working hard to find new voices, but also making sure we don’t abandon those who have been with us for years, honing their craft and offering new, imagination-stretching, dramatic possibilities. Matt is one of our finest, who came to us through an entry in a script competition. Tim is one of our newer writers, although time flies and he’s been with us a few years now! Both he and Matt have such inventive, inspiring minds, so it’s extremely heartening to see them being so deservedly rewarded here.”


Sir Michael Palin at the recording of Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Soundscapes #4 (c) Big Finish Doctor Who
Sir Michael Palin at the recording of Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Soundscapes #4 (c) Big Finish

“This really shows the breadth of what Big Finish strives to create”

Big Finish Chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery added: “I am so excited that two such different scripts have been honoured by the Scribe Awards.  A minimalist masterpiece and an all-out action adventure – this really shows the breadth of what Big Finish strives to create with our wonderful teams of writers, producers and directors.”

Tim Foley, who wrote the winning Torchwood entry, said: “I’m delighted that Tropical Beach Sounds has lulled its way to victory with Sir Michael Palin’s dulcet tones, alongside the wonderful Matt Fitton’s Out Of Time. I’m especially pleased on behalf of the whole Torchwood team who have continued to make high-quality drama in these impossible times, so a special shout out to Scott Handcock and James Goss who make it all possible. Torchwood really is ‘The Little Range That Could’, encouraging deep character dives, knotty moral dilemmas and experimental storytelling. I hope this win is a testament to that approach.”

Meanwhile Out of Time writer Matt Fitton said: “It is a huge honour to win a Scribe Award tied with such a brilliant fellow as Tim – our two scripts showcase very different ways of telling stories on audio, but still within the same universe! In difficult times, people rely on drama to escape and it was a privilege to bring together two of Doctor Who’s most iconic stars to battle an iconic enemy. That we were able to make this production during lockdown shows the innovation and talent at Big Finish, and I thank the actors, musicians, sound designers and everyone working away behind the scenes. This is for everyone who’s kept on telling stories through 2020 and beyond.”


Doctor Who: Out of Time is the first of three adventures uniting David Tennant with his predecessors (c) Big Finish

The two winners were among an astonishing five Big Finish nominees in the same category

A win for Big Finish at this year’s Scribe Awards was always guaranteed however. They dominated the Best Audio Drama category, securing every nomination. The other nominations included two entries in the Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious epic. He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, introducing Brian the Ood, and The Enemy of My Enemy, featuring the Daleks. While Torchwood also had a second nomination for Save Our Souls. The mystery drama forming part of a trilogy set during the time of Queen Victoria’s personal control of the Institute.

Big Finish are celebrating by offering listeners 10% off both winning titles, with additional bundle deals on both CD and download. (Offers expire at 23:59, UK time, on 11 July 2021.)


The Scribe Awards also nominated Doctor Who Comic arc featuring the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors this year – (Cover by Andrew Leung) (c) Titan Comics

Doctor Who nominees were less fortunate in the Novel and Graphic Novel categories

The Scribes also nominated Doctor Who tie-ins in a number of other categories, though unfortunately without a win. David J Howe’s Mindgame novelisation lost out to Watch Dog: Legion’s Day Zero as the Best Original or Adapted Novel. While Titan’s Doctor Who Comic arc uniting the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors was in the running for Best Graphic Novel. The award, however, ultimately went to the new Blade Runner graphic novel adaptation.




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