Some news on a fascinating and important project from reader Michaela:

Autism spectrum Doctor Who fans and friends, I need your help!

I am a Doctor Who fan and an Aspie working on a book project about Doctor Who and the autism spectrum, and the most important thing I can imagine is for this book to incorporate as many viewpoints as possible.

I am looking for anyone – anyone at all – to answer a few questions about their own experiences with Doctor Who. You don’t have to have seen a lot of it, you don’t have to be familiar with the classic series, you don’t have to have a particular spectrum condition (or any diagnosis at all). Any input at all is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

The questionnaire can be viewed online HERE and can be emailed to:

If you would prefer to submit your answers some other way, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or contact me at one of the various options available on the main page (Twitter, Tumblr and so on)!

Anything that helps more responses come in is a good thing.

Thank you so much.

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