Included here are the details and artwork for the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out now. Click on the image for a bigger version.
The new issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures, the magazine for all young Doctor Who fans, is out now!
There are 20 chances to win a copy of The Doctor and Clara’s most recent adventure on DVD – Last Christmas. This amazing adventure took the time-travellers into the world of dreams and the pair got to meet Father Christmas too…
The issue comes with two mystery Doctor Who gifts – what will you get?
• A look at why we love Doctor Who
• Find out who’s back in the new series of Doctor Who later in the year.
• Fascinating facts about the Dream Crabs
• Who is K-9?
• An exciting adventure awaits the Alien Babies.
• Read an amazing comic strip for The Doctor and Clara in a story written by Simon Guerrier.
• The final guide to the 2014 episodes of Doctor Who.
• We’re off to Lanzarote for some brilliant behind-the-scenes secrets.
• Z is for Zygon in the final Monster A-Z
• Plus, make your own TARDIS!
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 363 is out from 25 March – 21 April, priced £3.99


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