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Doctor Who Adds Four New Guest Stars

(l-r) Gemma Arrowsmith, Mary Malone, Billy Brayshaw, Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy - the latest Doctor Who cast additions

Four new names join the Doctor and Ruby’s adventures in the latest Doctor Who casting news

Doctor Who Series 14 may have finished filming, with the Fifteenth Doctor taking a well deserved break before plunging back into his adventures. But there are still more cast announcements to be made, with four new names being added to the roster. Gemma Arrowsmith, Billy Brayshaw, Mary Malone, and Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy will all be joining the Doctor Who family during the new era.

Arrowsmith and Malone are first up, having filmed appearances for this year’s Christmas Special. The festive story will also be Ncuti Gatwa’s first full episode in the role, though we’re still not sure on exactly which day over the holidays it will air.

Gemma Arrowsmith’s on screen appearances include Upstart Crow, Stath Lets Flats, Code 404, Hitmen, Merlin, Hustle, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Vic Reeves’ Ministry of Curious Stuff, and more. She’s also a writer, having written material for series like Tracy Ullman’s Show, Spitting Image, The Now Show, and Modern Life is Goodish. She also has her own Radio 4 show Gemma Arrowsmith’s Sketched Out. More than that, she’s written for Big Finish, scripting the audio dramas Doctor Who: The Flying Dutchman, The Paternoster Gang: Spring-Heeled Jack, Missy: Treason and Plot.

Mary Malone is an up and coming actor recently seen in guest roles in Vera and Steve Coogan comedy drama Chivalry. She’s also active in theatre, with notable roles including Safe, set in the world of homeless LGBTQ+ youth, Hope Has a Happy Meal, set in a surreal dystopia, The Prince, in which Malone played one of two modern women who find themselves trapped in a Shakespeare play, and genuine Shakespeare such as playing Phoebe in As You Like It.


Next year Hollyoaks’ Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy and A Christmas Story Story’s Billy Brayshaw will be making appearances

Next year meanwhile brings roles for Billy Brayshaw and Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy. Brayshaw so far has appeared in small roles in Still So Awkward, and as the older Mark in festive sequel A Christmas Story Story. Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy will be familiar to Hollyoaks fans, however, having done a five year stint on the popular soap opera as Jesse Donovan.

Exactly what sort of roles the four actors are playing is still unknown. Heroes, villains, or simple bystanders. For Arrowsmith and Malone, at least, it’s only a matter of months before we find out.

You can read more on the new casting, including quotes from the team and all the latest Series 14 news, in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, on sale now.


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios
Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns in November with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide



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