Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 3. Cover by Simon Holub (c) Big Finish Productions Tenth Doctor Davros Anya Kingdom River Song Movellan David Tennant

Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 3. Cover by Simon Holub. The Tenth Doctor (mid 30s, slim, spiky brown hair, blue suit with red pinstripes) gestures waningly at us. To one side is Anya Kingdom (early 40s, tidy auburn hair, black military uniform) and Davros (so ancient it’s like his face is melting, closed up hollows where his eyes used to be, protruding wires where he’s linked to his travvel chair. On the other is River Song, smiling teasingly dressed in the silver catsuit and silver dreadlocked wig of a Movellan. Around them all are images of 1970s style Daleks and Dalek saucer spaceships.(c) Big Finish Productions

Gemma Whelan