Step aboard the TARDIS for the beginning of the Diamond Anniversary celebrations with a range of merchandise devoted to the First Doctor

Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary celebrations are starting early at Forbidden Planet as their Diamond Collection begins. Each month features a host of merchandise for a different Doctor and it all kicks off this month, naturally, enough, with a celebration of William Hartnell: the First Doctor. The collection features a range of products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, coasters, badges, mugs and art prints.

It also features a selection of alternate designs to choose from. These include a classic full length portrait of Hartnell alongside the iconic 1963 title sequence; one of the first Doctor’s most iconic quotes – “One day, I shall come back…” from The Dalek Invasion of Earth; the Doctor’s original description of himself and Susan from An Unearthly Child“Wanderers in the fourth dimension,” and a recreation of the classic Dalek Invasion of Earth “It is forbidden to dump bodies in the river” poster. There’s also a pin badge set featuring TARDISes from across the sixty years, including the First Doctor’s as it originally appeared in 1963.

The full list is available from Forbidden Planet now.


Part of the Diamond Every Story Ever Collection (c) Forbidden Planet Doctor Who Daleks Cybermen The Master
Part of the Diamond Every Story Ever Collection (c) Forbidden Planet

The Second Doctor merchandise arrives next month, while you can get Dalek, Cyberman and Master 60th anniversary merchandise now

Next month the Diamond Collection continues with a range of items dedicated to the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. Forbidden Planet are yet to reveal most of the designs but London Comic Con did give us a preview of the War Games art print. The print recreates the famous War Zones map that plays a crucial role in Troughton’s final story.

In parallel to the Doctors, the Diamond Collection will also be celebrating the Doctor’s best enemies. The “Every Story Ever” strand of the Collection features each of the Time Lord’s most iconic story surrounded by the names of all their stories from 1963 to 2022. So far these include designs for the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Master. Each design is available either as a t-shirt or an art print.

There’s still just over a year until the 60th Anniversary itself. But it already looks like it’s going to be packed with goodies for fans of all ages. Blogtor Who will be sure to update you next month with the list of Second Doctor items.


David Tennant stars in the 60th Anniversary specials. But how? (c) BBC Studios TARDIS Tenth Doctor
David Tennant stars in the 60th Anniversary specials. But how? (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns in November 2023 for three 60th Anniversary specials




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