Titan unveil two new Fourteenth Doctor figures for San Diego Comic Con

Titan Entertainment are flying the flag for Doctor Who at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The sister company of Doctor Who comic publisher Titan Comics, Titan Merchandise, is debuting two new toys from the show at this year’s convention.

David Tennant’s upcoming Fourteenth Doctor arrives in San Diego as a pair of separately-packaged, separately-available exclusive 3″ Titans Vinyl Figures. The Classic Fourteenth Doctor features a miniature version of the current incarnation of the Time Lord in the familiar Titans style. Meanwhile, the Kawaii version features him reimagined in the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ aesthetic, geared for maximum cuteness overload.

Both releases will be available from Titan Booth #5537.

The Classic Titan Vinyl of the Fourteenth Doctor (c) Titan Doctor Who
The Classic Titan Vinyl of the Fourteenth Doctor (c) Titan
The Kaweii Titan Vinyl of the Fourteenth Doctor (c) Titan
The Kaweii Titan Vinyl of the Fourteenth Doctor (c) Titan

The new figures join a treasure trove of merchandise at the Titan Booth

Also available at the Titan Booth will be the TARDIS Enamel Pin set. This set of 13 pin badges features some of the time machine’s most memorable looks. These include the pink TARDIS from 1988’s The Happiness Patrol, the War Doctor’s TARDIS from Day of the Doctor, the Police Box painted as a memorial to Clara as seen in Face the Raven and Hell Bent, and the ship in its default state glimpsed in The Name of the Doctor.

Of course, Titan will have many exciting items beyond the world of Doctor Who too. There will be two new Kawaii from My Hero Academia. And Titan Books will be there with new books including Hannibal Lector cookbook Feeding Hannibal (with an ‘Eat the Rude’ pin badge), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – The Making of the Classic Film (with special keyring based on the SS Botany Bay strap Chekov finds), Star Trek: The Art of Neville Page (with print of his Borg Queen concept art from Picard), Conan the Barbarian: The Official Story of the Film (with Conan sword logo pin badge), and much more.

San Diego Comic Con takes place this month from the 20th to the 23rd of July.


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