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Doctor Who 2013 News

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out tomorrow, has revealed new information regarding Doctor Who on television in 2013. Producer Marcus Wilson states:

• The “2013 series” (Series 7, Part 2) has finished shooting (Dec 2012).
• The back end of the schedule includes “very heavy VFX episodes”.
• Series 7, Part 2 will begin in on television in April 2013.
•  The “Anniversary Special” will start shooting in April 2013 and is a “love letter to fans”.

Doctor Who Magazine 455 is out tomorrow priced £4.99 in the UK and includes EXCLUSIVE interviews with Jenna-Louise Coleman and the cast of The Snowmen along with a preview, three art cards and much, much more!

NEW clip from The Snowmen
Destiny of the Doctor audio series
Caroline John DVD documentary appeal
Doctor Who on Only Connect 
Matt Smith “hopes” to be part of 2013 Christmas Special
Ian McKellen in The Snowmen!   

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  1. So… Has doctor who lessened? Is that even a word? Is it me or is there less doctor who on tv now. Before we had a run of 13 episodes a year. Then broke for David Tennants last year with "Specials" 2010 Saw series 5 with 13. 2011 saw series 6 broke in two. Now after 2011 Christmas we've had to wait Nine months for 5 episodes, with the other 8 airing April 2013. With the 50th in November…. Does that mean Series 8 will continue onward after the 50th. Or are they saying that first there will be the 2013 stand alone Christmas special then series 8… If there is a series 8… Oh god now I'm thinking there won't be a series 8) Series 8 airing its first run of "insert random number of episodes here" at some point in 2014.

    So 2012 compared to 2011 = 6eps for S7pt1 incl Xmas special / 14eps for S6 incl 2011 Xmas special
    And 2013 = 10 S7pt 2 incl 50th Special and 2013 Xmas special.

    So we will have had 16 episodes over two years by the time we hit the 2013 Xmas special, compared to the the 14 Episodes a year. I was going to go back and correct my gramma, but now it's out of my head and not hurting it anymore… I'm going to go eat dinner, Thai Curry, then carry on with the Satan Pit 🙂

  2. What is with this "feeling the loss of 12 episodes a year" business? Series 7 is 14 episodes – they're counting the Christmas special – with a gap in the middle. It's a long gap, but at least in my neck of the woods the TV season runs from September to May. Series 7 falls completely within that timeframe.

  3. yeah but in the past we used to get those 14 episodes in the same calendar year. The Moff has gone on record as saying that there will be more Who this year than ever, well that's just hollow spin.


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