Character Options have revealed the details of their new 12-inch British Dalek – buy it HERE. Click on the pic on the left for a bigger version and check out the details below:

For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, what could be better for collectors than his ultimate foe in truly British styling; Character unveils its Doctor Who 12-inch British Icon Dalek.
This ultimate Doctor Who collectable 12-inch Dalek has been produced exclusively in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year. Beautifully displayed in the Union Flag, it celebrates the Daleks as a British icon and is ideal gift for all Doctor Who fans. This limited edition free- wheeling Dalek features poseable arm, head and eye while us having the ability to voice 10
Dalek phrases with lights and sound FX.
The Doctor Who 12-inch British Icon Dalek costs
£39.99 and will be available from late August – pre-order HERE. Suitable
for ages 5 years and over it will be a must have for the many generations of fans
that the Time Lord has gained in the past 5


  1. Sadly the Union Flag painted on this Dalek is the wrong way up.

    The wider diagonal white stripe should be ABOVE the red diagonal stripe at the top left hand side of the Flag.


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