Throughout series ten, we’ll bring you a brief, spoiler-free look at the episode to come. This week, a ‘Smile’ costs nothing…but gives death.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s ‘Smile’ takes on a decidedly more sci-fi tone than his previous outing. Nevertheless, a rich vein of the fairy tale runs right through the plot thanks to some weapons-grade Twelfth Doctor narration. Emoji-waving robots notwithstanding, the episode plays out as a quick-witted two-hander that keeps a snappy pace. The dialogue between Bill and the Doctor sparkles while Mackie in particular gets some moments to shine as an actor. Overall, this is a story brimming with ideas, clever writing and a neat satirical twist, but could have been a bit longer.

Doctor Who S10 E02 - Smile Goodthing (MINA ANWAR) © BBC
Doctor Who S10 E02 – Smile Goodthing (MINA ANWAR) © BBC


  • Mina Anwar, who plays Goodthing, had a recurring role as Gita in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’.
  • Steadfast is played by Ralf Little. He previously played Guy Fawkes in final Adventure Game, ‘The Gunpowder Plot’.
  • Kiran Shah, one of the suit actors for the emojibots (alongside Craig Garner), played the mysterious figure under the blanket in ‘Listen’. I don’t think the characters are related though.
  • Surely an smartphone-controlled emojibot toy must already be in the works.
  • Mercifully, no poop or aubergines emojis crop up.


“I’m over 2000 years old, I don’t always want to take the stairs.”

“Who needs loos? There’s probably an app for that.”

“Is there going to be food sexism even in the future? Is this Bloke Utopia?!”




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